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When it comes to DIY one of my favorite things to create is pieces for our home. Whether it be redoing furniture or creating a decor piece to display in our home.

When it comes to decor pieces I love to create parts of us in it. Like family memorabilia that we can look back on and reminisce over. For example my littles hand prints. Because one day they won’t be so little. So it’s a get it now before they grow to big and their little fingers and hands aren’t so little.

Now I’ve done a paint version for different holidays but for this one I love to keep it simple and easy. Anyone can do it! It doesn’t require paint. Just a couple of items you probably already have on had. So scroll down to find out how easy it is and the instructions to make your own.

Materials Needed:

  • Your family’s hands
  • Plain paper (to trace onto)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Frame (big enough to fit the largest had)
  • Decorated/construction paper (for the final cut out)
  • Tape


1. On your plain paper trace each persons hand. You will want to make sure none overlap and may need a couple pieces of paper to do this. You may need a “helper” if tracing an infants hand since they are squirmy and don’t like to lay their fingers flat.

I also like to make sure I use the same side hand for each person so they later the same style. But feel free to mix it up if you want. It’s your design so feel free to be as creative as you want.

Also if you have pets don’t forget your o include them. For theirs I would do the ink or paint stamp and then cut out that to include. Either layered also or off to the side.

2. Cut out each hand print trying to be as precise as possible. You want them to be as close as possible to their actual hands.

3. Next trace those hand cutouts onto your desired paper that will be displayed you can use decorated scrap book paper, solid constructions paper, newspaper, old book pages or even old music sheets. Which ever fits best into your home decor. And feel free to mix it up and use a combination.

You will want each hand on a different paper so they stand out and don’t get lost into the print of another hand.

4. Next take the backing to your frame or a solid paper cut to fit your frame. And start taping the hands to it starting with the biggest hand first. And moving to the next size. You should end with the smallest hand in front.

If you have hands that are similar in size you can rotate them a little in opposite directions so you can seem them. And you might also want to write their names on the back so decades from now if your forget which one is which you can easily check.

5. Place in the frame. Hang it up and enjoy for years to come!

I told you it was super easy!

If you do one take a photo and send it to me or tag me in Instagram so I can see it. I’m @mama_bear_wooten on there!

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Xo Jessica!

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