Diy Foam Pumpkin Bath Fun

Happy pumpkin week! It’s almost time to tuck away all spooky things. But not before one last DIY! This is our 2nd… maybe 3rd year using ours and my boys love it! If you didn’t know, now you do…. when foam gets wet it sticks to the side of the tub! So today we are taking advantage of that with a fun DIY!

I’ve actually been meaning to get this out for sometime but pregnancy and newborn days have been keeping me busy. But better late than never right!

So to make this cute and fun set you will need:

3 to 4- Orange foam sheets

2- Black foam sheets

1- Brown foam sheet

1- Green foam sheet (optional)


Mesh bag or gallon ziplock for storing

To make yours:

Don’t worry about the pieces being just right. Each one will be perfectly imperfect and unique. This adds to the fun and creativity they will make.

1. Free hand cut out different pumpkin body’s from the orange foam

2. Cut out different eyes in triangles or any shapes you want. About 2-3 sets more than the amount of pumpkin bodies you have. I personally made sure I had mine in sets of matching 2 but you don’t have to. Use about 1.5 foam sheets

3. With the remaining sheet cut out some nose shapes, mouths and some eyebrows. Get as creative as you want.

4. With the brown sheet cut out some different size stems. They can be long and skinny or short and fat. Make a fun variety.

5. If you want to add leaves or grass then this is where the optional green foam ones into play. I didn’t with our pumpkins but we have grass with another set we have.

To Dry:

When bath time is over I have my kids build all the pumpkin pieces up and we leave them on the run wall to dry. But the next day before bath time they are ready to be played with again or to be placed in their bag. I use a gallon ziplock bag for our holiday sets so they can be packed away with our holiday decor and mesh zip bags for our regularly used ones.


If your not comfortable freehand cutting out the designs then you can use a piece of chalk or washable marker to draw your design on. Could even do that and if your kids are at scissor stage let them cut them out.

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY! Be sure to keep an eye out for future ones! I have a fun winter one I will be sharing soon!

XO Jessica!

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