DIY Boho Minimalist Valentine’s Day Twine Heart Decor

I love decorating for all the holidays. It’s super fun and my kids enjoy seeing the decor up. Sometimes it’s something they make, something we make or something their Dada or I have made. Today I’m sharing with you a super simple twine heart that I made. And it is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor or even for an anniversary set up. It will only cost you $1 if you have tape and wire cutters on hand. Sharp scissors will work but may need a little bit of elbow grease to cut through the wire.

I love my decor to be more on the simpler side and neutral in colors. With of course splashes of color for the holidays. And I’m all about twine. It’s been part of my hole decor for as long as I could remember and it’s such a timeless decor piece. I use twine for everything! Well last year I went into Dollar Tree looking to restock my twine stash (I was out) for a Christmas craft we were going to be doing. We made twig ornaments. Well while I was there I found some wired twine and immediately knew I wanted to use it to make hearts for Valentine’s decor. I might let my kids make some fun things with it to to hang in their playroom or bedroom.

All my hearts you will see below were all made with just one pack. So no need to buy more then you might need ig this is the only craft you plan to make with it. Now let’s get to this super easy boho twine heart.

Material needed

  • Wired twine (from dollar tree)
  • Wire cutters or scissors (mine are from dollar tree)
  • Tape (also from dollar tree)


  1. Cut your wire to random lengths. You’ll want to vary them in length. If the twine unravels just wrap tape around it.
  2. Ben your twin in the center to make a “v” shape.
  3. Then curve in the ends to create a heart shape. But leave enough slack to twist the ends together where the Heart meats after the curve. We’re going to be taping to the wall over this piece so don’t stress how right it’s twisted.
  4. Then tape to your wall in a cute and fun design.

I ended up cutting my bigger one at the bottom into two smaller ones. I didn’t like it this size for where I was putting it.

I got about 7 hearts out of one package and I think they are just the right amount.

What do you think? Aren’t they just so cute and simple. And if I wanted I could easily make another shape out of them for something else. So I don’t even really have to pack them away of I don’t want to. Comment below and let one know what other shapes I should try next… 4 leaf clover for St. Patricks Day?

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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