DIY Boho 4th Of July Star Sun Catcher Craft For Kids

Do you love creating your own holiday decor? Bow about having your littles create it? We absolutely love it here. My kids get so excited to see their artwork hanging up and I do too. It makes my heart extra giddy if it matches with our decor, which is a cross between boho and minimalist. Which is why I call it “Minimalist Boho”. I don’t like plain empty blank walls but I don’t like clutter. I like lots of natural earthy elements and plants… lots of plants.

So for a fun Fourth of July craft my kids and I created these fun boho star sun catchers. They were simple to make and my kids absolutely loved making them. You don’t need a ton of supplies and it’s a pretty quick craft. So let’s get to it!

Items Needed

  • Clear contact paper
  • Red, white, blue tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape or masking tape
  • Chalk or paint pen
  • Twine, tape or something to hang them with in your windows


  1. Star but cutting out 2 sheets of the same size clear contact paper for each of your children. you will be sticking them together at the end.
  2. Using the painters tape or an easy peel off tape. Tape one piece of your contact paper to the table with the backing peeled off and sticky side up. Do this for each kid.
  3. Scatter little squares of the tissue paper around for them to place onto their contact paper. Try to encourage them to not double layer or it won’t adhere when cut.
  4. Once they are done. Go ahead an peel of the backing to the second sheet and place it sticky side down on top of the taped pieces sticky side. You’ll be creating a lamination effect.
  5. Using your chalk or paint pen draw a bunch of stars at the size you prefer over the contact paper.
  6. Cut out and either wipe of the star drawing or leave it. I left mine because I like the look it gave it.
  7. Hang by twine and mini clothes pins in your window or tape up. The sun will shine through the tissue paper kinda like stained glass.

See I told you they are super easy and come out really cute. You can even make them int hearts for Valentines or clovers for ST. Patrick’s day. The holidays and possibilities are endless!

Until next time, live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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