Christmas in July! My top 10 Toy Gifts.

Since Christmas in July is a “thing” and I just used amazon prime day to purchase our first Christmas gift for our Little’s. I figured this would be the perfect time to create a list of our Top 10 Christmas gifts for Little’s. For Christmas we don’t go all extravagant. We set a budget and stick to it. Our Little’s are close in age so they tend to get lots of “together” gifts. We also tend to shop all year when we see awesome deals.

Dress Up Costumes

I haven’t met a little who doesn’t love to dress up and be a super hero, doctor or prince/princess. You can make your own, purchase them second hand… old costumes work perfect for role playing. Or you can purchase from my favorite toy brand company Melissa & Doug.

Role Playing Toys

Role playing is such a big part of childhood! It sparks your little to use their imagination and that imagination your little has… is the most magical part of childhood! Watching your little just play pretend is one of the best rewards you will experience on you motherhood journey! They bring you back to your childhood moments!

Legos, Duplos or Mega Blocks

All of these inspire imagination and fine motor skills! No matter what age your child is one of these three toys will fit them. We currently have all of them! My 5, 3 And 1 years old love building with mega blocks! They are big enough for your 1 year old to handle! And watching him learn to stack them and build is breath taking!!! Even more so when you watch the excitement in their eyes as they finally connect the pieces together. Duplos, again all my Little’s love them. My three year old has a field day with them. They are the perfect size for his fingers… and he creates his heart away! My one year old doesn’t quite get the connecting part but loves watching his brothers build… or make him things he gets to destroy. My 5 year old…. He not only gets to use his imagination to build whatever he wants. He gets to build whenever he wants because they are choke safe around our one year old. He also gets to play with his 3 year old brother and create things together! As a mama to a 5,3 + 1 year old my all time favorite toy for my Little’s is Duplo blocks! Everyone can enjoy them! And at the same time!

Play kitchen/ store/ grill

This is another role playing activity! If you haven’t caught on just yet… but in our home we like to play pretend a lot. These make the perfect “big” gift while the accessories can be their other gifts. I personally like wood play kitchens. They are sturdier + look more realistic than all the plastic options.

Wooden puzzles

I honestly believe there’s no such thing as to many wooden puzzles. They are fun, entertaining + the perfect size for little hands. A good amount of them even have little knob like handles to make it easier to pick up and put in place. Raising little learners one puzzle piece at a time.

Play doh

Yah, yah, I know! Most parents hate play doh. But not me! Yes it’s messy but the best memories are made when you don’t worry about the mess being created. They have so many fun accessories for play doh now. It’s unbelievable!

Art supplies

Now not every one is all artsy fartsy and that’s ok. Just a couple simple art supplies will be just enough to give your little a fun activity without requiring any artistic skills from you. Markers, paint, crayons, coloring books, plain paper + etc are all fun and let your little be as creative as they want.

Sidewalk chalk

We love chalk! Outside, inside, everywhere! It’s kinda like art but for your driveway, toys, fence and anything else that’s gets washed with rain. They have all kinds of holders and stencils you can think of.

Building blocks

These are perfect for multiple children. They get to build and use their imagination together. Build buildings, roads and then crash through them if they like. All 3 of my boys have a blast when we pull them out. They are also great for teaching shapes or colors or counting. Perfect homeschool necessity!

Buildable Track set

We actually have a car track and a train track set. All of my Little’s have been big into things that go. So both get used on a regular basis. We rotate toys so we typically only have one available at a time. All of the above toys are gender neutral… but I do have a house full of boys. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Feel free to comment any toys you’d add to your top 10 list.
Until next time XO! ]]>

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