Best Places To Shop For Boys Clothes

I don’t splurge on a lot of things… thankful for my minimal lifestyle. But the things I do splurge on themost are clothes for my four boys.

I love budget friendly clothes that will last through a kid or too or if I’m lucky 4. As my boys grow I am seeing a lot more wear and tear on their clothes that don’t make it the thand me down category. But I expected that.

So I’m going to share my few favorite shops I like to buy my kids clothes from with sizing recommendations. Since not everyone sizes their kids line the same.

And at the very bottom of this post I share photos of my littles rocking their clothes from the below stores if you want to check them out.


My all time favorite place to get my kids clothes from is H&M. I love their organic line and try to purchase the majority of it from there. They offer shirt sets that I always get. They all match well and usually fit well with their pants combo sets.

We like out boys shorts to be on knee length category and not so much the above the knee so we really love their clam diggers. They are longer but form fitting. So we aren’t dressing them in baggy shorts that make them look like they have skinny chicken legs. And because they are longer they will last for a year or two without being too short.

Their tops we have noticed tend to sometimes shrink up and not stay as long so we like to size up. Their sizes are based on ages and wil ll normally be like 1 1/2-2 or 4-5 or 6-8. So order at your littles next size or mid size to have them fit best.

This last round my oldest son who is 7 has worn out the knees in all his pants from them. But we can easily cut them to be cute summer shorts that are longer and fitting like we like.


We love carters clothes and buy they a lot for pajamas for our boys. But they definitely run small. When we order their pjs we ALWAYS order their next size or the size after. So they can last am entire year for them. I love that most sets come multiple packs and mix in design.

Children’s Place

I wouldn’t necessarily say they are the most sustainable clothing line for kids. But they do offer cheaper graphic shirts my kids love. Their shirts will last about two kids but tend to shrink up shorter. So I’d definitely say to size up on shirts. They also offer family sets for matching clothes in some areas and we’ve purchased them a lot.

I especially love that they always offer free shipping no matter what and have lots of sales.

As far as pants we tend to stick to their normal size. I accidentally ordered “slim” skinny jeans for my son and he hated them. He’s thin and complained that sitting with his legs crossed they were to tight. So unless you little is very very slim I’d say stay away from their slim line.

I actually just ended up ordering him the same exact pants in their normal size and didn’t bother to try and return the ones he hated. They are so reasonable in price they it was worthy of my effort to exchange.


I don’t do a ton of onsite shopping for my kids but when I do. I go to target. I find that their clothing like for kids is the most on trend and they hold up very well. We don’t have to many complaints about weird shrinkage. But unless I find a deal I’m not about to drop a good amount of my kids clothes they will out of soon.

I find that target doesn’t offer as many sales that are budget friendly compared to H&M who offer just as good quality and I can order from online a lot more easily.

I do although love their baby clothes and find them to be one of favorite likes to shop for kids under one. The clothes soft and durable. And is usually sold in cute sets. We’ve used some baby pants we got from them for three kids with out looking like they have been washed a bazillion times. Which they have.


I’m not a huge Walmart kids clothes shopper but in the recent years I’ve noticed that they are offering more solid prints. Which is my go to for ease of outfit matching. And they are reasonably priced. I tend to buy things that I expect to end up as our play clothes.

They wash good but can easily lose their newer vibe look. Their pricing is similar to a sale at the other stores. And their clothes run a little bit thicker in fabric. Which is good for lots of washes. But don’t hold up that new look.

They also sell out a lot faster than the others. So if you see something you like. You better grab it. Because if you don’t all the other mothers will.

I hope I helped you to find some mom budget friendly clothing store options for your boys. That are also cute and worth checking out if you haven’t before.

If you have a favorite store that I didn’t list… comment below and let me know. I’m always up to trying out a new place. But I don’t want to pay a fortune for something that’s going to be used for a short while.

Thank you for stopping in to check out my favorite stores for boys that won’t break the bank. If your loving the options of the online shops I recommend you sign up for their emails and bank on all the deals they offer. I only shop during their sales to rack in as many outfits I can for a more mom friendly price.

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Happy shopping!

Xo Jessica!

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