Back 2 School Props + Photo Ops

Eeek it’s about back to school over here!!! Trying to wrap my mom heart around sending my littles back. It’s tough… this year I’m sending two off. My oldest will be going to first grade and my second is going into preschool.

Since back to school time is such an exciting and emotional time I figured a list to help you not forget to capture any moments would be the perfect emotional mom reminder.

To start off the list I figured I would get the easy stuff you can prep before the day of, like the props.

First Day of school Sign

You can download the one above here. I make it for each year.

Letter Board

Now onto the photo ops! The younger they are the more you can get away with so capture them while you can. Especially if you will be walking them to class at all. Lots of these can be captured during meet the teacher or on others days so take advantage of multiple photo op days.

With Siblings

This can be done anywhere. We did ours during meet the teacher and while we toured the school.

Picking out Backpack or School supplies

Since this was his first time going I knew I had to capture that first moment of picking out his school back pack.

In Front Of The School

As your walking around capturing all the moments… might as well get a shot in front of the school! You can even make it fun like we did.

In front of the school sign

Since we were already up here I said hey let’s grab one with the school sign and nope I don’t regret it. Especially since we changed schools since. **For privacy I edited out the name of our school… so don’t worry it doesn’t really look like that.

School Mascot

Ok I’m sure this is a must. Especially if you or your little plans to be involved into school sports or electives. It’s like buying the school shirt or class ring. Except it’s a photo with the mascot.

Walking into school

All of last year my son was a car rider so this was very easy for me to get. If you have a bus rider you can easily get them boarding the bus or getting off.

Hallway Wall Mural

If your school happens to have a very unique wall mural or anything you think looks interesting. Capture your kiddo with it. This would be super cute to get each year if they go to the same school. Then you can see how much they have grown compared to it.

Meet The Teacher

This I find a photo must have! This is the person you are leaving your little with all day long so why not capture the moment of them meeting. They are going to develop such a special bond.

Sitting At Their Desk

We got lucky and was able to capture this during meet the teacher so the crazy of the first day didn’t have to going on. Although I got that one too. I decided to share the much calmer version.

The Library

Its school so you know your little will be spending lots of time in the library. Capture them with books or looking around. The book fair is also a fun moment to capture if your not sure when you will be in the library with them.

Meeting The Librarian

Another special person your little be interacting with besides any art, gym or music teachers is the school Librarian. So go ahead and capture them meeting too!

In the Hallway

I specially chose the one his classroom was in but you could easily do any that wasn’t crowded during the time your there.

In Front of the Classroom Door

I though this would be a fun one to capture.

The Lunch line or Cafeteria

Now I’m that mom that followed him into the breakfast lunch line and was taking photos but… in my defense he was in kindergarten and had never done it before.

Yes that’s a repeat photo of him with his brothers but it was in the cafeteria and worked dual purpose for this post

Family Photo

And of course the best for last… the family photo! I say get this every year of you can. Because you never know if a spouse is going to be working or home with a sick kid so if your all together or even solo swinging it capture a photo!

And there we have it… a momtog gone wild and sharing all the good spots for capturing those little moments and details. My little is starting 2nd grade this year so I’m sure I’ll be back to add more as he will be a bus rider for the very first time!!! Eeek! Saving those tears for later! Happy back to school mamas!

Ohh and here’s a checklist to save to your phone!

XO Jessica

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