Pregnancy + Pre-Eclampsia

Pregnancy is no joke! It’s definitely different for everyone! Sometime those differences are medically related! Sometimes they are just because for no reason at all! But when there are medical conditions involved everything you planned about your pregnancy goes out the window and your just winging it with your doctors!May is Pre-Eclampsia awareness month and I asked a good friend of mine if she would share her story! She open heartedly said yes! Which I’m forever grateful for!Pre-Eclampsia is a close part of my heart + motherhood! My first born and myself are survivors! I didn’t personally live an entire pregnancy or other pregnancies with it (which I’m grateful for) … but I did personally have it with my first!My journey with it was much shorter than hers! She lived it multiple times! And my heart goes out to her! I personally lived a pregnancy with it without every knowing it until I was diagnosed at the end of my pregnancy! I literally lived my first pregnancy with headaches from hell! Ones I couldn’t even describe… ones that brought me to tears rolling down my face! I also suffered from blurry vision and major swelling! I’m talking I stopped wearing socks because of the indents they left on my ankles was unbearable (I rarely wear socks not because of that). I could barely reach my feet to put them on let alone paint my toenails. I seriously gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy! A lot was from swelling. I had serious swelling… I’m talking I had to stop wearing my wedding bands at 6 months or cut them off swelling type of swelling. But until the day before I was induced I never even heard about preeclampsia. I thought it was all normal pregnancy things so I didn’t bring much concern to my doctors on telling them all of my symptoms.

Know the symptoms! Share the symptoms! Be aware of the symptoms!

So because Jennifer lived it multiple times and for months in her pregnancy I asked her have the honor of being the mom interview for this post. Keep scrolling to hear about her journey.

So tell us a little about yourself and your family.

I’m a mama to 5 children Sean 13, Emberlia 8, Marley 3, Artemisia 1 and Baby J 8 months old. I’m a stay at home mother and I do a little cake decorating on the side. I’ve dealt with preeclampsia AND cholestatis with 4 of my pregnancies.

How would you define preeclampsia to another mom?

Scary. I know everyone would love if someone said “Hey it’s not that bad.” But honestly it’s so scary not knowing what is going to happen. PreE is so unpredictable and anything can happen, good or bad.

What was the envision you had about your pregnancy?

I would have an amazing birth at a birthing center, even thought about a water birth there. I would have my husband in the water with me or in bed assisting with the birth. I would enjoy my pregnancy every day and be able to have an amazing baby shower, maternity photos, just really enjoy being pregnant and being able to embrace it.

How did preeclampsia affect that vision?

I had to have a team of high risk doctors which meant no birthing center, no water birth, I wasn’t even given an option for a VBAC. I was hospitalized so many times I couldn’t have my maternity photos done. Every day I would just wake up praying to the Gods let me stay pregnant one more day. One more day meant one more day of her body being able to mature. One more day inside me meant one day less in NICU to me. No one mother should have to pray for that EVERY DAY of their pregnancy. No mother should have to stress and worry that much.

Those first moments after being diagnosed… what were your feelings or thoughts?

Honestly I started praying inside my head immediately please let them say I can keep her in and I dont have to go right now to deliver. I kept telling myself I was willing to die if it meant she would live.

How many pregnancies were you diagnosed with preeclampsia?


If you had a normal pregnancy before preeclampsia how would you describe it?

AMAZING, pure bliss. I enjoyed every bit of it from the morning sickness to the pushing. I was truly blessed with having an amazing first pregnancy.

How would you describe your preeclampsia pregnancy?

Hell.I know that’s a bit extreme right? Haha. Seriously it was the hardest thing to deal with and it was so scary. I don’t wish it upon my worst enemy. You feel fine and think everything is great then you get a headache all of a sudden and your thought process goes to “Oh no this is it, it’s getting worse and I have to go get checked immediately!” You’re always on edge.

What would you say to a mama who was just diagnosed with preeclampsia?

Research and listen to your doctor! Research everything and anything you can about your new diagnosis, ask what stage of pre E do you have? Mild, severe? Make sure to take notes on symptoms that could mean your getting worse.

What do you wish people knew about preeclampsia?

I wish more people knew how common it is. Everyone thinks “Oh that cant happen to me.” But really it’s happening a lot! Also I wish more women would know how serious it is. I’ve seen so many mothers say “Pre e just means I have high blood pressure.” They’re not really educated on Pre E and we need that to help save mamas and babies around us. Jenn thank you so much for sharing your journey and helping bring awareness about preeclampsia!!! Hopefully one day they can find a cure or at least what exactly causes it. Have you or someone you know need diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia or think you may be at risk for… then research it here!Want to know when my next mom interview goes live? Scroll down and subscribe.
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