A Tour Of Our Minimalist Boho Master Bedroom With Tips To Create Your Own

Back in 2017 my Hubby and I started talking about our future and what it held for us. We knew we wanted… needed to move. We actually talked about how it felt like our home in Florida was pretty much became an “energy vampire”.

I mean not technically. It was a beautiful first home. The walls of that home hold many memories for us. We actually had a hard time getting to a place where we were ready to sell it. Our intentions were to always rent it out. But we decided to let it go and let it provide for our future home instead.

I mean our offer when we purchased it got accepted on the same weekend my Hubby proposed to me. We got married when we lived in it. We had 4 beautiful boys there. I mean technically only three but I still count my fourth as being part of that home. I was 6 months pregnant when we moved. So it will always hold a special place in our hearts. But it was only ever supposed to be our starter home.

We wanted a life of more but we needed to find a space of less first

If that makes since. Florida and our home there couldn’t give us what we wanted so in July of 2019 we uprooted our family and moved to the Midwest. It felt like a breath of fresh air.

We downsized so much that we left All of our dressers and end tables behind. We even left our couch and mattresses. It was a complete declutter haul that we needed. We only took what was going to serve us and bring us joy. We had a bed for us waiting here! We didn’t jump to the floor.

So I’m actually excited to do this tour. It was requested even before I thought about doing it though. So thank you for the requests and encouraging me! This tour of our space is of our place of true intent. It’s fresh, it’s hygge and it’s minimal. AND… My hubby let me put our bed on the floor! I had only been trying to convince him for years.

In our previous home we never really fully renovated our master bedroom like we had planned. Life was happening and it just kept getting pushed aside. So it and our master bath never got the love we wanted to give it.

So I made sure that wasn’t the case in our new home. I made it a priority to put our bedroom first. Hence why it’s the first to be toured. I’ll work on sharing the others as I finish the rooms. No one wants to see a naked room tour. Or at least I don’t think they do.

I will also be linking everything at the bottom for you incase you love anything.

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Welcome to our Minimal + Boho vibed Master Bedroom. This is our simple + quiet calm in the beautiful chaos of the rest of our home.

This is it! Besides a cradle and body mirror (shared below) the only items in our bedroom is our bed and two make-shift night stands! I mean along with some hanging decor or course. It really doesn’t get any more simpler than this! Exactly what we wanted. And literally takes me like 3 seconds to tidy up.. if that!

Before you ask…. where’s our dressers, where’s the TV, where’s the traditional end tables with drawers?

We don’t want or need them in this space! We had a TV in our old bedroom but rarely used it so gave it away.

We also downsized our clothes so much when we moved that we no longer needed a dresser. Gave that away too. ALL of our clothes besides our winter coats + snow pants fit right inside our tiny closet. I never even stored away my “summer” clothes (shorts, tanks) they are just folded and stacked in a cubby spot.

And honestly I’ve been so relieved to not have a dresser. It was like a go to drop zone anytime we walked into our bedroom. EVERYTHING ended up on it. Now I don’t have to ever clean it again.

Traditional end tables with drawers… gave them away also. We never kept much on them… maybe a lamp + a picture frame. The drawers on them just held forgotten items. I’d store a notebook in mine and always forgot it was in there. I’m not sure what my hubby had in his… random things probably. So they were just space + dust collectors with not much purpose.

Goodbye unnecessary items!

“My Side”

Here’s a closer look to what’s exactly on my side.

I use a step ladder that I refinished in white as my night stand. I can easily grab it and use it anywhere In our home that I need help reaching and it it isn’t just taking up extra space elsewhere. DUAL PURPOSE is now my go to for everything! Bonus… that bottom step flips in for easy transport!

It holds my fake plant (no green thumb) that I find pretty, my phone when it charges and a I have a cute “Good Morning Gorgeous” sign above it.

On the wall on my side I have a large white mirror that I found at a consignment shop for really cheap! I think like $25. FYI mirrors are a great way add decor while creating extra “empty” space to the eye. *Just as long what’s across from it isn’t super busy!

For decor I just hung my hats. Easy enough for me to grab… look In the mirror and be on my way.

His Side”

Here’s a closer look to what’s on his side.

He has a smaller step stool that I refinished in white that he uses as a night stand. Also able to be used elsewhere if we need it. Up until recently he kept our fan on it. Our home could be freezing but we always have a fan going. Anyone else? We use it mostly for noise and air circulation, but mostly noise. We currently don’t even have it facing us (winter here). It literally just sits on the floor right now so I moved it to take pics.

He keeps his phone + watch charger on it along with his Bluetooth speaker box. And another fake plant I put there because I’m trying to incorporate more greenery into our life. Even if the dang thing is fake.

He also has his own sign that says “hello there handsome” that hangs above his night stand.

On the wall on his side he also has his hats hanging as decor. He tends to wear a lot of baseball style caps and beanies (we store beanies in our hat bin or closet) and needed somewhere accessible to hang them. So this old bifold coffee cup holder worked perfect! Did you know these hangers were originally created for coffee mugs or am I the only one that old.

He even added his own touch and hung his football teams scarf on it. He doesn’t wear it so it is just fan decor… But its his personal addition and I love it hanging there just for that reason.

Above our bed we have another sign hanging. I fell in love with this quote the first time I saw it and knew it had to go in our bedroom. Our old bedroom there was a window behind our bed so it was above our dresser/tv. I think above our bed is perfect!

We did bring our headboard we built with us but because our bed is now on the floor we have to adjust the size and cut it down to fit before we can set it up. In due time!

Yes our bed is directly on the floor! I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love! No I have no plans to get anything to place it on. I love it as is! Why do I love it…

One: it adds to the cozy up and cuddle vibe. Hygge goals all day over here!

Two: we can’t try to store anything unnecessarily underneath it which means we had to get rid of unnecessary excess!

If you haven’t caught on we created this space to work for us and our new lifestyle. Cant veer away from our lifestyle of less if we’ve eliminated all the places anything extra would try to go!

Here’s a closer look at all of our decor signs we have hanging up in our room. I’ll link them at the bottom for ya too! I love the wood frames and white backgrounds!

Remember that body mirror I mentioned earlier… this is it! I bought this 2nd had for $5. As soon as I saw I knew I had to have it! It was wiggly and really beat up.. hence why it was only $5. So I tightened some screws, refinished it in white and made it beautiful! And along the way it got scuffed up… IMO that just added character!

Yes I’m addicted to white + empty space! It’s so simple, calm and fresh!

It’s in the tiny wall space between our master bath door and our closet door. YES that’s our closet bifold door on the right and yes it’s that tiny and YES that is where ALL our clothes + extra bed linen now fit. We only kept what we love and actually wear!

Once I get all our storage options figured out I’ll probably add it to this post or even one of its own. Probably one of its own because I used to be a major clothes junkie. Like I could go months without doing laundry and never rewearing anything. But that’s a topic for another day!

Same for our master bath. It’s still full of boxes that I need to declutter more and figure out what to do with. Hair stylist problems!

We bed-share or co-sleep…. which ever term you want to use. There was no need for us to design an entire space for our new little one. He sleeps in our bed (safe sleep seven… google it, don’t comment about it). But we wanted him to have some little space for just him. So before we moved we sold our crib + changing table set and bought a gliding cradle for him.

We never used the crib… and the changing table had 1.5 life cycles before we packed it up and never pulled it out again. I’ll never go with the grain on purchasing items again! Compete waste of space + money… for us!

The basket under his cradle is where I keep his extra sleep sacks, blankets, burp cloths and sound machine that hangs on his cradle.

I also finally found a hanging macrame that wasn’t to big or to small and had just enough dangle while still having enough design to be cute but not to much!

(Ignore the crying kiddo inside… he wasn’t feeling on board with me taking pictures right that second! It wasn’t for long… I promise!)

This bin I actually keep on the floor on my side of the bed. It’s for middle of the night diaper changes and extra blankets to line over our bedsheets. Because we night nurse and if you know… you know and if you don’t… you might be a lucky night nursing mama! I learned through trial and error with my first 3 kiddos.

Incase you don’t know… sometimes a nursing mama leaks and sometimes a nursing babe will fall asleep with a little bit of milk in their mouth and I’m not trying to change my bedding everyday. It also helps to create an extra barrier if he decides to go potty while I’m changing him in the dark at 3am on a Tuesday morning! No one wants to change bedding at 3am!

And that’s our Master bedroom! Sweet, simple, Minimal + cozy with a touch of boho! Just the right amount of everything!

Below I’m going add my tips to help you!

Create a space you love and that works for you, not a space you have to work for

How to create a master bedroom space of calm + cozy with minimal items.

Only have furniture that serves you and that you need. If you don’t need or want a mirror, dresser or night stand then get rid of them. Don’t ever use those lamps… goodbye! How about that alarm clock… do you actually use it or do you use one on your phone.

Eliminate and remove things that collect clutter. If you have a dresser, night stand, bed frame that serve no purpose besides holding clothes you don’t wear, storing things you don’t use then get rid of them. “You don’t need to keep items just because society says it’s the normal!”

Downsize your decor. Only display what makes you happy to see or has a purpose! Signs that encourage you, accessories you love! If you have shelves only place items you love on them!

Remove your Tv. Want to be to a place of less technology and less screen time… start by removing it from your space of calm! Not sure your ready? Try removing it and storing it in another part of your room for a couple weeks and see how much you actually miss it. If you use it often then keep it. It’s serving you if you love it!

Use a mirror to open up your space. If a wall just feels empty and you find your self needing to fill it, add a mirror. It will help eliminate the feeling of “something’s missing” with out adding a busy element.

Add greenery or candles. Adding in plants and/or candles will help create a place of oasis + calm. Don’t have a green thumb or want the “extra” of having to water to water a plant…. fake plants or succulents work perfect! They are simple + beautiful!

Make it your own. If you take anything alway from my tour and tips let it be that it’s okay to go against the normal and make your space your own! You are in charge of your space… create one that works for you!

Want To Shop My Space?

Below I’m including links to items we have in our master bedroom. Whether they were refinished to fit our style or are similar to what we own. I did my best to find similar replicas for you.

My absolute main goal for this tour was to show you that you may not need it all. No matter what everyone else says or tries to sell you as a set.

Find your style, create your happy and only use what you need. Whatever it is… make sure it has a purpose. Make sure it is worthy of your time and brings you the peace you need!

Do you want to have the freedom to live a life you love or be to busy cleaning up after a life that slows you down

Did my post help inspire you? Was there anything that you loved about what I had to say? Do you do this in your own space? Are you on a journey of less also? Comment below and tell me!

Create a life you love + cheers to less stuff and more you!


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