A Survivor, A Mother + Her Sparkle-on Journey

When you think about October… do you think about ghosts + goblins + pumpkins! Do you plan parties and spooktacular events? For a lot of us we do because that’s what we love about October.
But for so many October is about pink + ribbons + survival! To many women + men + loved ones October is a reminder of fight, of loss, of pain and of strength! Outside your happy little Halloween bubble is a world living in hope! Hope that goes beyond what most of us can even imagine!
Breast cancer is one of the hardest journeys a women or her family will ever have to take! It affects 12% of the US population! So that means that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their life and will face a journey of unknown!
Along with this journey comes fear! Fear of surviving and fear of never becoming a mother!
A survivor and newly miracle mom Meghan who I have followed for over a year has been so willing to share her story and her journey with us in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Tell us about your self and your family.
I come from a family of three girls! My mom and dad although divorced are very supportive of everything the three of us decide to do in our lives. My sister @samiiryan is a fashion designer with her line in zumiez and model living her best life in LA. My littlest sister @jillfranz just recently moved to Portland Oregon enjoying the artsy life of the west coast!
My husband @dembonesbrewing and I will be married 3 years this Halloween and he is truly my best friend. He has been there for me every single day since I met him, and I still can’t believe looking back on all that we’ve been through together that he stayed around:) He is truly amazing, he is my knight in shining armor. No matter how many days in the hospital— he stayed by my side. Whether I was bald, sick, or full of energy… he gave me medicine hour by hour or found me something fun to do for a date night! He is truly amazing and now that he’s a daddy, he just makes me so grateful that he chose me as his forever!
We have two puppy children @izzyandnala412 —- yes I’m a crazy puppy mom who’s dogs have an Instagram. Izzy is our 3 year old yellow lab who coincidentally was diagnosed with cancer at 8 months old the same time I was diagnosed. We literally went through chemo together! We were deemed cancer free the same week!!! And Nala is our German Shepherd mix who we rescued from a shelter. She is the perfect pup who enjoys playing or ripping apart her toys and patrolling our yard of moles!
And our miracle baby Kendra Jane, named after my oncologist who never let me give up my dream of being a mom. This baby literally has made our life absolutely amazing. No matter how many sleepless nights I have… seeing her little face makes it all worthwhile! Gosh I love my life❤️
What was your first reaction when you got the news?
Explained above.
What were those first days or months like?
Initial diagnosis is crazy. It’s all like a whirlwind. For me I was diagnosed, for my plan in place and 2 weeks later, we had our dream wedding. Then the next day when normal people go on a honeymoon, we woke up early to go have my egg retrieval completed. Cancer has a weird way of changing the typical expectations of life. From then on I was in treatment for about 1 1/2 years and it’s just until recently that I feel half way back to living a normal life (3 years later)
What was your biggest fears?
Obviously anyone diagnosed with cancer would probably say dying! I was 26 when I was diagnosed, and I’ve had so many close friends pass from cancer since my diagnosis. I’m just not ready…
Was having a baby one of those fears and how did you handle this scenario?
Having a baby was my greatest dream… having a recurrence after having my baby is my greatest fear. I handle this by having faith and hope! And just living each day as it comes!
Was there any special steps you had to do prepare for having a baby?
Theres soooo much to do! We had to completely baby proof our only doggy baby prepared household! Luckily our friends and family helped us sooo much!
What did your typical day consist of?
Right now my days are being a mom and I love every single minute of it! Aside from feedings every 3 hours, changing poopy diapers, and playing detective every time Kendra bursts into tears… I’m juggling my own oncology appointments and treatments… also figuring out my work/life balance—— this momma stuff is tough work!
How long did your journey to recover take?
I feel like once your diagnosed, it’s a forever journey…
If you could share words of encouragement to another women just starting her journey what would you say?
I would say never ever give up hope! Reach out to those who’ve been there… but it’s your journey remember that!
What do you wish those who have never
I am an open book, so if you follow me on social media you pretty much know everything about my Life. I’d probably want everyone to know how much I truly love living my life even though I’ve had a really difficult journey…
“You can follow her beautiful page here
When you first found out you were in remission what were your first thoughts?
Fear actually. Because I got clear margins with my Mastectomy but still had to have aggressive radiation then oral chemo then hormone treatments… it was like it was never ending. I’m still on medications and shots etc… I’m thankful to have no evidence of disease… but the fear of recurrence is always right there
What was your biggest motivation during your journey?
My husband! He’s my rocks and my everything, oh my pups too! They drive me nuts 99% of the time? But anytime I needed a cuddle session they are there
When it came time for you to start trying to get pregnant what all steps or procedures did you need to do?
I worked closely with my fertility specialists who recommended us to attempt naturally fertility first before going through IVF due to cost. I went off my
Medications and 6 months later got my cycle. The next month I missed my cycle, went for testing and found out we got pregnant naturally!
When you found out you were pregnant what was your first reaction?
Absolute excitement, overwhelming joy and thankfulness. We were shocked because doctors prepare you for the worst when going through chemo and we weren’t sure it would happen
Did you have to do anything special during your pregnancy for health reasons?
I had a difficult pregnancy with cardiac issues and gestational diabetes so I was high risk and closely monitored.
The first day you met your little miracle…
It was incredible. After 27 hrs of labor, having them place her on my chest… it was as ifnin that moment my life was complete and my miracle was in front of me! Sadly, she was then rushed to the NICU for questionable pyloric stenosis and spent 5 days in the NICU… that was a whole journey in itself… so I’d say her first week was very heartbreaking and overwhelming.
Meghan! Thank you so much for being an open book and sharing your journey… not just today but everyday! You are so inspiring and motivational I know you have definitely made a positive impact in so many women’s life’s. I look forward to your next chapter as a Mama!
If you want to follow Meghan on her next chapter too or even go back and look at the memories she’s shared then click before to follow her on Instagram. Or go and visit her blog and read more in-depth about her life and her journey!
Until next time XO!

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