A Minimalist Guide To Matching Pajamas And 15 Of The Cutest Sets

When it comes to Christmas I’ll be the first to admit I obsess over matching pajamas. I’ve been doing since my second little was born and I had littles to match. Before it got popular and it was a little harder to get matching pjs.

Now that it’s part of the holiday vibe they are everywhere which I’m loving. Having choices is so fun. Especially when they also offer parents, doll or dog options too.

Two years ago I made a blog post sharing som of the cutest Christmas pajamas and even Halloween ones… but that was two years ago and well I crashed my blog back then and those posts kind took a major hit so I don’t share them like I used too.

So I figured a new one was in order and also wanted to share how we do matching pajamas with a minimalist approach. Especially since it’s super easy to be overwhelmed by all the holiday pjs they have out there.

Make Them A Gift

When we get holiday pajamas for our kids we always make them a gift. They get a new set in our Christmas Eve box each year. This year I splurged a little and got them two sets so I might have our Elf On The Shelf arrive with a set also. Then they can wear them all month long and not just after the holiday.

This just makes them seem a little more fun and a little extra special instead any ole pajamas they might get through out the year.

Get Their Next Size

This is seriously my biggest tip to doing matching pjs. NEVER EVER… EVER order the size they wear right now. At least not with holiday pajamas. They are only extra cute and fun during the holiday. After that they are just pajamas. Or maybe that’s just me.

But I always order they next sizes so they can wear them for two years.

I have four littles so I actually always order 5 sets when I get them pjs and plan for the largest pair to not be worn until next year (they may not have the same design so I order it with the others). This is how I plan our ours and how I ordered sizes this year.

  • 2T for my one year old. He will wear them this year and next year. We will roll up the legs and arms if we have to. They are fitted so they usually do fine.
  • 4T for my 3 year old. Same as our size 2T. He will wear them this year and next year. Then in 2 years they will be handed down to my 4th.
  • 6 for my 5 year old. He will wear them for two years also and the. They will be handed down.
  • 8 for my 7 year old (about to be 8). Again he will also wear them for the next year or two. He will probably out grow them before next years Christmas.
  • 10 this size won’t be worn for at least a year. Maybe two depending on how my oldest grows. But I only plan for 1 year of them not being worn. But when he does he will wear them for two years.

So with order those 5 sets I expect to get at least 3 years of all of them being able to wear these as a matching set. After that they will be just holiday jammies and not so much matching ones.

Pass On The Dated Sets

This year I’ve seen a ton of sets that say things like Christmas crew 2020. I’d definitely pass on that. Because once 2020 is over (6 days after Christmas) they kinda just scream I’m old and last years set.

No fun. So keep it simple and skip the dates.

Stick To Unisex

Although I have all boys I’m big on keeping things unisex. It just makes it easier if I was to match them also. We have some matching family pajamas also.

But especially if you have both a boy and a girl. Sticking to unisex makes it easier to hand them down to your next little with our dressing your son in unicorns or vice versa. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’m just more of a simple design person and unisex clothes always hit the spot on my fashion taste.

Keep Them Minimal

Not the biggest part to keep things simple and minimal is to not over do it. This will be our first year that I’ve gotten them two holiday sets. (They are the first two photos) but I couldn’t resist. We live in the wood and have wild deer in our yard all the time. So now they get to wear deer also.

Plus they aren’t necessarily Christmas themed and more winter. So they will get their fair share of fun magical months.

Now if your not here for the tips and you just want to see the cutest options I could find then keep scrolling. Below are 15 pairs of the cutest Christmas pajamas and you can order them all online. I’ve linked them for you too.

Ours We Got From The Children’s Place

Unisex Kids Matching Family Reindeer Fairisle Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas

Reindeer Fairisle

Unisex Kids Matching Family Winter Forest Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas

Winter Forest




Burt Bees

Holiday Carols

Festive Forest

Holiday Stocking

Rugby Peace Stripe


The Children’s Place

Berry Bright

Unisex Kids Matching Family Santa Suit Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas


Unisex Kids Matching Family Bear Buffalo Plaid Fleece One Piece Pajamas

Bear Buffalo Plaid One Piece

Unisex Kids Matching Family Buffalo Plaid Fleece One Piece Pajamas

Black and White Buffalo Check One piece


2-Piece 100% Snug Fit Cotton PJs, , hi-res


2-Piece Christmas Thermal PJs, , hi-res

Green Stripe

Now I hope you have a blast rocking your matching pajamas this year and don’t forget to snap some cute photos. Time goes so fast and before you know you’ll have teens who might refuse to play along.

Until next time, live a life you love

Xo Jessica!

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