How To Have A Minimalist Santa With A Free Printable Santa Letter And SVG

Dear Santa,

All I want is….

As a kid I remember Santa a list as long as the eye could see… or my hand could take. I would write down any and everything. Things I wanted. Things that looked fun but I didn’t really want. And things just because what if the others weren’t as cool.

I never really put much thought into it. I mean aside from the occasional must have toy. Which probably put a lot of pressure on my parents cause that could change overnight.

So as parents my hubby + I knew we wanted to simplify and be intentional with our approach to Santa. We wanted him to still have his magic but not a miracle worker. I mean yes occasionally but not a gazillion toys to be expected from him.

We want our boys to really think about what it is that they love. That they really want. That if Santa only brought you one toy… what would it be.

And then our Santa letter EVOLVED. When we write Santa we think long and hard about one toy we will put on our list. Maybe two depending on what they are asking him for. We approach it as Santa has lots of little boys and girls to make gifts for so we are mindful to only ask for what we really want so everyone can get a gift.

Now that’s not to say they can’t still write a list to mom and dad if they want to. We’ve never had them do this because they are still all little and we know what they like. And we just purchase the toys or items we know they would love or need.

So if your wanting to get more intentional and downsize your Santa game and have less be from him that’s ok. Just make two lists. One a list for mom and dad and family to go off of. Make sure not to give them the false hope that it will all be purchased. And then the list to Santa on their letter.

Less is always more… especially during the holidays. They will love those toys even more when they get to actually slow down and just enjoy them. Instead of trying to play with everything, which leads to nothing being enjoyed.

So if your on a journey of being more intentional… I encourage you to start now. End the year off with intent and simplicity. So that when 2020 comes you and your family are already in the mindset of it.

To help you do this I’ve created a free printable Santa letter that only has a couple lines. And spaced enough for those early learning to write years.

The free printable and Santa SVG can be found in my free resource library where I have lots of other goodies for you too.

Do you do something similar with your Santa. Or the complete opposite? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to learn more about you.

Until next time!


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