A letter to my First Born on his birthday!

To my first born!  It’s your birthday!!!! You are 6 years old! Ahhhh! You’ve been waiting for today for 364 days and it’s finally here!  Me on the other hand I’m like wait how did those last 364 days go by so fast or even more so how did the last 2190 days go by so fast. I swear it literally feels like just yesterday we were at the hospital waiting for your arrival. To meet you for the first time and say hi!  You have grown so much in your 6 years of life that I can’t even explain in words how much love + life you have given to me, Dada and everyone you meet!  I could write a list longer that infinity and beyond but I’ll keep it short and sweet and tell you 6 things I love most about you!  You have the biggest little heart a 6 year old could ever have! You love everyone + every kid you meet is your friend! You don’t care if you’ve known them for 6 years or for 6 mins. You call them your friend and want to just make memories with them.  Your charm! I love that you tell every girl you meet that she’s beautiful. Whether they are family, friends or just a stranger walking by. You always make it a point to let them know they are beautiful! You can literally role play anything and create any role playing scenario out of just a box. You think outside that box and create a world of imaginary magic!  Your always trying to make everyone laugh… just like your Dada! You are seriously his mini me! I love how in character you get when your on a fun character mission You always want to save everyone and believe in yourself. When we talk about bad guys your first response is always “I’ll beat them up”. Your so brave my love!  You love kisses and hugs. Getting and giving them. Every time I leave without you… you ALWAYS ask for more hugs and kisses. Especially at bed time! But I love that you give them freely to both your Dada + I and even your little brothers! You always give hearts with your hands and it melts my heart! Did you notice in the photo above the heart he’s making with his hands? ALWAYS! I hope those 6 things never change about you my little love! They are what make you who you are!  “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” -Dr. Seuss Do you know my little? If so then comment your favorite thing about him. If you don’t then comment something you love about your little(s).  Until next time XO! ]]>

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