A Guilt Free Way To Declutter Your Sentimental Items

When it’s comes to decluttering I’ll be the first admit that I easily attach memories to objects. I am extremely sentimental by nature and not just to items. I’m sentimental to traditions and even doing things a certain way.

I’m a memory junkie so anything that helps to recreate a memory I may have not otherwise remember plays a big roll in the what I do and keep. So I’m here to share with you how I’ve personally decluttered things without feeling guilty for the most part.

I’ll also be the first to tell you that it’s okay to keep sentimental items. Whether your displaying them or keeping them packed away. Because there is no right way to declutter sentimental items. There’s only the way that you find best that works for you. Whether that’s keeping them or not.

But also know that if you declutter them. Your not decluttering the memory. It will always be there. You just might have to go about “storing” the memory another way so your free from unwanted or unneeded extra stuff.

So on to to how I personally have learned to declutter the sentimental items I’m ready to part with.

Talk To Your Family

To start your sentimental decluttering journey you first have to stop the incoming of those items. I found this best to start with talking to my family. I started with asking them nicely but firmly to no longer gift or give me things of sentimental value. But to rather give me the option to take it or not without the push to take it.

I also asked family to no longer gift me “Knick knacks” of any kind. I kindly let them know that if there’s something I’d like to display in my home that I will either purchase it myself or let them know what I’d like.

I also explained that if they were to gift me something they wanted to gift me and if it wasn’t something I wanted that it would end up on a box stored or a box of donations. So to eliminate the feeling of guilt or sadness from either them or myself that it’s best to not gift me things they would like me to have over what I personally talked to them about what I would like to have.

Especially family heirloom type items that I felt wouldn’t bring joy or happiness personally to my family or house hold.

I also try to be considerate in what I gift to also respect them on what they would like me to gift. The request definitely goes both ways so make sure your willing to be open to being told no on some items too.

Repurpose Them

Incase you didn’t know. Sentimental things don’t have to be displayed exactly how they were originally created. Baby clothes can be made into teddy bears or blankets. Those Knick knacks I mentioned before can be spray painted and repurposed. Almost anything can be given new life and created to fit your home decor vibe of its something that you really don’t want to let go of. And you don’t want it just sitting in a box for ever.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest!

Have Someone Help

When it comes to decluttering sentimental things it helps to have someone with you who isn’t attached to the items like you are whether that be your spouse, older child or even a friend. It’s good to have someone there as your back bone.

They will help you to desensitize your feelings to the object and recognize if you really intact want to keep the item or if your ok with letting it go.

Take A Photo Of It

Sometimes it really is the item that brings back the memory. So if your having trouble with letting go of the items that your only reminded of the memory when you see that item. Then take a photo of it. It is much easier to store a photo than it is an actual item.T

hen when ever your feeling the need to reminisce the. Pull out your little album of photos and take a walk down memory lane. Shoot take the photo from different angles if there’s different parts of it that holds different memories.

Separate The Memory

I think one of the most eye opening things I ever came to terms with. Was that the item was NOT the actual memory. Yes it may actually be a big part of the memory maybe. But your memory is about the person your moment your replaying in your head. Not really the actual object.

So once you train yourself to separate the memory from the actual thing you’ll find it way easier to declutter those sentimental things.

It’s OKAY To Keep Them

The thing about sentimental items, well to me anyways is that they personally live in a gray area on what I would describe the difference to what I love and what I need to declutter from my life and home.

I’m okay with keeping items that I want to one day pull out when I’m 80 and enjoy it’s presence. To me… thinking about that one day is how I separate what sentimental items to keep and what to let go.

For instance… a set of my Grandmothers book series. It was a series that her, my mother and myself all read together and enjoyed talking about the events that were happening. I will one day pull out that series and finally finish it. And starting back with the first book.

Even if I’m 80 years old when I do it. I’m okay and happy to keep them. I love them!

So know it’s PERFECTLY OKAY to keep sentimental items. Your decluttering and simple living journey is yours. You make the rules! And you ALLOWED to bend them too!

Things I personally won’t get rid of

Now there are something I refuse to get rid of. Along with what my Grandmothers books I just mentioned. To help you see some of how my boundaries go with my sentimental items here’s my list of what I won’t get rid of.

  • Items my hubby and I cherish from our childhood
  • Items we both love from our wedding
  • Pictures!
  • Printed pictures!
  • Our kids birth memorabilia
  • Or favorite baby or kid clothes
  • Things we’ve built or created as a family
  • Our board games!

I’m sure there’s a ton more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Maybe I’ll add them as I remember. So check back often if you’d like to see how my list grows.

And I hope that I was able to help you find a way to declutter your sentimental items with out feeling guilty. And hope you find peace in your journey when you finally decide to tackle that area.

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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