A Christmas Gift Guide For The Simple Living Minimalist In Your Life

It’s just about that time when all of us Christmas loving Mama’s start thinking about the gifts we’d love to start gifting.

It can get very overwhelming if you have a lot of family and friends you want to gift or if you have anyone on your list that is considered “hard” to buy for (aka your minimalists)

Today I’m going to focus specifically on shopping for your friend or family member that’s on a minimalist or simple living journey. Since they can be especially “hard” to buy for. But only if you overthink it, because technically they are really simple and easy.

At the bottom of this list I’ll include what NOT to get them. Seeing as lots of big box stores like to convince you otherwise. But before we hop into the list I have two tips for ya.

  1. Ask them what they want and be sure to let them know you plan to get them something so they can guide you or let you wing it.
  2. If whatever you get can be returned then get a gift receipt and include it with the gift. It’s better to let them exchange it for what they want than to just donate it.

Now to the things I’d recommend you consider for your minimalist family and friends.

An Experience

You can never go wrong with gifting time with someone. Whether it’s a coffee or whole event. You can’t really gift anything better than memories. Especially if your gifting to children.

A Gift Card

If you’ve asked or don’t want them to know your gifting them. Then go with a gift card. It can be to their favorite store or a restaurant. If they are a teen that’s driving a gas card would make an awesome gift. Gift cards are the perfect way to gift and let them decide what they get.

Something Edible

Who doesn’t love food! You can find all kinds of cute edible gifts to make on Pinterest. One of our favorites to gift is our homemade white cocoa. It is so good and perfect for winter vibes.

A Homemade White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Recipe Everyone Will Love

You could even turn this into an experience and get the ingredients to make something and make it together.


We honestly don’t gift nature enough. I’m pretty sure everyone loves plants. Whether they prefer real or fake. If you’ve never seen them own any plants and want to go real.. stick to some simple ones. I have a printable plant care guide you could even include with it for them to track their plant routine.

A Simple Plant Care Routine For New Plant Moms

If your wanting to go the fake plant route I also share some good plants to get off amazon if you want to check them out.

The Best Fake Plants To Purchase On Amazon

Something That Needs Updating

If you notice that have something that’s pretty outdated, doesn’t quite work right. Or that they tend to complain about not working right. Go ahead and surprise them with it as a gift. Include the receipt incase they want to exchange it out for a different version. Some people prefer specific brands and that’s ok. Don’t be a gifting Grinch!

So like I mentioned above there are some things you should definitely not buy your minimalist friends or family members. These items are for sure to end up in the trash or donation bin. Which no one wants that.

Body Lotions Or Sprays

We’ve all got them before and probably never even used them. Unless your like a tween. But honestly the chemicals in those box kits are crazy. Just don’t do it. And stick to the gift card route.

Boxed Candy

I’m specifically talking about the those mixed boxes of chocolates that everyone loves to gift. I don’t think they every really get ate. Especially if they are gifted to my kids. We don’t do much candy around here. loves to gift or those food box sets


I’d probably steer clear of gifting anyone on a minimalist journey clothes. Unless they specifically ask for it. Or you know their style. Most minimalists have worked hard to only own what they like and that includes clothes.

Knick Knacks

I actually had to tell my family this a couple times. Once you get into a home of your own everyone wants to buy you knick knacks or frames or something that goes on a shelf. I’m not sure why…. but they do.

So unless like I mentioned many times they specifically ask for something along these lines it’s better to not do it.

Now I’m sure there’s more things I could easily add to the different parts of this list but I didn’t want to dive in to deep. I wanted it to be simple for you too look over and help guide you when shopping for your minimalist friends and family.

So to reflect back on the things I mentioned above.

Gift Ideas For Someone On A Minimalist Journey

  • An Experience
  • A Gift Card
  • Something Edible
  • Plants
  • Something That Needs To Be Updated

Do Not Gift Ideas (unless you check with them first)

  • Body Lotions Or Sprays
  • Boxed Candy
  • Clothes
  • Knick Knacks

I also want to remind you that this is all based on my opinion of things and this list can and will vary be each and every person. So remember that you know who your buying for and I don’t. Use this list as a guide and now a law of gift giving to a minimalist.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica

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