6 Tips On How To Survive A No Spend Month Challenge

I don’t know about you… but I “try” to live on the mindset of minimalism. It’s hard but I do my best! And my biggest motivator is a “no spend month” challenge!Don’t get me wrong. My hubby + I both have our weaknesses but during this time we ignore them and do our best avoid them! Helping keep each other at bay!This year we survived 3 months and here are my 10 tips on how you can do it to!

Both have to be onboard!
Preplan what you can spend on! Not a physical amount but what you can actually spend money on. For us it’s always Food from the grocery store (no fast food or dine in) + Bills (no new bills, only what we currently have! No charging them credit cards)

Find or you plan free activities to entertain your family! Im going make a sister post on lots of free things to do soon!

Take your cards out of your wallet! Temptation starts with them! Leave the credit cards at home! Place your bank cards in a taped envelope… to only be opened for gas, food, bills!

Avoid random store trips! Make a list and only get what you have on it! No target drive bus allowed! Seriously you don’t need it!

If you have birthdays or anniversaries during that month… set a direct budget for it! AND stick to it!

Less is more! Trust me… if we can do it 3 times this year you can do it at least once!

Have you done a No Spend month? Do you want to but are stuck? Comment below and let’s talk about how to get you to it!
Until next time!

Xo Jessica

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