53+ Photo Prompts to inspire you to take more photos in August!

Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of “I don’t know what to post” or “I have no inspiration” posts filling my Instagram feed. And well it’s a little heart breaking because as a mom + a photographer I KNOW there’s always a memory waiting to be captured.

To prove that right… I literally just stopped writing, got up and walked over to where my kids where and snapped these photos of them. It wasn’t any overly magical moment or an overly posed capture. It was my kids being themselves in this moment. Memories I’ll have forever. And if I wanted to I could slap on my current mobile preset and post them to my social media. Which I still might!

My point is to just get your camera out and capture your littles. They are only little for a short amount of time. These are the days your going to miss, so capture them while you can!

Now I know you might still be thinking… well my kids aren’t outside playing or blah blah blah. So that’s why back in May I created my first blog sharing some photo prompts to help jump start the month. I was planning to do it each month but life happened. So here is your August edition and I’m already putting together next month for you!

All the prompts are for specific days/weeks so you can definitely preplan for the entire month if you wanted to. I personally love to incorporate them into our daily vibes and my kids love it!

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Until next time!

XO Jessica

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