5 Simple And Quick Lunches Using Tortilla Shells

With being a newly homeschool mom this year I have definitely learned that I need to dial down and simplify things was more than I already do. Especially all the meals. Making 3 meals a day for 4 kids on top of the 1000 snacks is pretty time consuming and exhausting. So I wanted to share five quick lunches you can make with tortilla shells. You know for all the moms like me who try to not feed their kids sandwiches all the time. Absolutely toning wrong with that if you do. My kids are pretty picky about repeat meals so tortilla shells are 2nd on our list after bread for all the fast lunch options.

So let’s get to the 5 different ways to use tortilla shells to make a quick lunch. Either for at home or to take to work.


I like to make my wraps like I make my sandwiches. So really anything you’d put on a sandwich just toss onto your tortilla and wrap up. I prefer to dip my wraps and not so much add my sauce (usually ranch) to my wrap. Even if it’s wrapped up it still seems to find a way to leak out the other end.


This is just like a wrap except its cut into slices. This I like to keep pretty simple… lunch meat and cheese. Maybe some cream cheese. Things that won’t fall off when you cut it up into slices. This is one of my go tos when I make food for on the go. They are quick and easy and yummy.


Every Tuesday we do a taco theme. Which involves me usually making a ground beef of some sort. So I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to double up the meat I’m cookie and save some for a taco lunch. It’s super each to whip up and no one around here ever complains about eating tacos.


Quesadillas are so easy and my kids absolutely love them! I like to cut them into fun shapes for them for the holidays but basic ones are fine too. I typically keep it really simple and just make cheese ones for my kids and they never complain. But feel free to add in all the ingredients.

Tik Tok tortilla

I just recently tried this for a dinner and there’s definitely a learning curve to it. But once you find your groove it’s super easy to make and so yummy. I went with a basic taco type deal but definitely plan to venture into more fun ingredients.

Thank you for stopping by to check out some quick lunches using tortilla shells. Tell me your favorite thing to make with wraps below.

Until next time, live a life you love!

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