5 Myths That Surround The World Of Minimalism

When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle there are so many benefits and beautiful things that come from it. I truly believe that everyone should explore the idea of living a simpler life. It by no means is for everyone, but I definitely suggest pondering the idea and reading about it before you make a hard no decision towards it.

Minimalism sometimes gets a really bad rep for so many reasons but the things most people target as a negative thing… typically isn’t a minimalistic type of thing. The reality of minimalism is that there are no rules. There’s so set anything. There’s no one guidebook that everyone has to follow. It’s meant to be unique to you and unique to me. Because we are different people and have different life goals and values.

So today I wanted to debunk some of the top myths I hear that surround being a minimalist. I hope these help you to realize that you don’t have to follow a certain set of rules and your allowed to be happy and own or do things you enjoy. The point of minimalism isn’t to throw everything away and be miserable. That’s the complete opposite!

Let’s get to that list!

You have to have blank/white walls

Blank or white walls are what I hear a lot of people associate minimalism with. And I find it pretty funny that some people believe this. Especially the white walls part. I mean it’s a lifestyle that’s geared toward helping you to live a happier life. If blue walls make you happy, paint them blue. If you have a favorite photo or piece of art then display it. If having blank, white walls makes you happy. Then by all means do that.

Minimalism has no color scheme or decor layout you must follow. And honesty minimalism doesn’t even have a set of rules. That’s the beauty of it, you get to decide what it looks like in your home.

You can’t decorate for holidays

Some people when they think of minimalism they automatically think of boring, plain Jane, no decor, and not for the holidays. But the truth on this one is also that it doesn’t really matter what anyone else does. If you love to swap out your decor for holidays. The. Be my guest. I love doing it. I don’t go too big or crazy when I decorate but I enjoy theming my joke around holidays. My kids love it too. It’s just part of who we are.

So if you want to hang that garland or display those holiday pieces you love. Then I say do it. No one is the rule maker of your minimalist lifestyle but you. The point isn’t to not do anything or own anything. The point is to only own what you enjoy and love.

You have to live in a small home

For some reason I see a lot of people refer to the size of things they own to be what separates them from being able to live a minimalist lifestyle or not. Being a minimalist isn’t owning the smallest home on the block. It’s not living out of an RV. It’s not squeezing your family into a one-bedroom. It’s not owning the mansion down the road.

Minimalism isn’t measured by the square foot of your living space. There isn’t a certain amount of home you can have. You don’t need to go and live in a tiny home, well unless that’s what makes you happy. You can happily live in a 3000 sqft+ home and live a minimalist lifestyle. It has nothing to do with the space around you. It’s the space in your mindset that determines what is suitable for your journey not some sizing from someone else.

You have to own nothing

There’s a lot wrapped around this one in the myth world and in reality if you think about it. You can’t technically own nothing. I mean unless your a homeless naked nomad. Which there might actually be someone out there in this situation but I doubt it’s intentional.

Your allowed to own things. Your allowed to own as many brings as you want. Your allowed to collect things. Your allowed to set the standards to your own limits and what you allow in your home. Your allowed to own nothing if that’s what you choose.

You have to have a capsule wardrobe

When it comes to capsule wardrobes I actually love the idea. But it’s something that’s not for everyone and you don’t have to have one. You don’t have to wear all solids or all the same thing. You don’t have to own a certain amount of shirts. You don’t have to get rid of things you love.

I would recommend getting rid of things you don’t wear on a regular basis. Because they are just taking up space… physically and mentally. But don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to a certain amount unless you want to.

I hope this list was able to help you realize that living a much more simpler life is possible for anyone and that there’s no set way to live or be a minimalist. You don’t need approval or permission to do anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Your dreams and goals are important and I want you to truly be happy! I’m going to be sharing a blog soon talking about what minimalism is and what it’s not so stay tuned for that.

Until next time, live a life you love!

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