5 Hacks To Reduce Waste And Make Your Plants Happy

The more I get into my plant mom vibe and my journey to living low waste I find myself researching all the ways I can reuse something that might other be discarded after it’s first initial use. And because olive learned different hacks of the years I wanted to share the top 5 ones that can go straight from hour kitchen to your plants and don’t really take any extra time aside from not tossing it or letting it run down your sink drain.

The benefit to all of these are they are something you most likely go through in your home already so it’s not anything extra you will need to do. All of the below items are something we strive to do in our home to reduce waste and to make our plants happy. So if we can do it. So can you!

Now let’s get to those 5 hacks to reduce waste and make your plants happy.

Use Boiled Vegetable/Pasta Water For Plants

The next time you boil pasta or steam some veggies be sure to catch your water and not let it run down the drain. Plants love the starch and nutrients that’s in it. Just make sure your not adding any salt to the boiling process. This is also the perfect way to not waste water.

Coffee Water

After you’ve had your coffee for day. If you have any left you can water it down and use it to eater your plants. You’ll want it to be just coffee so not added sweetners or creamers. I like to run my keurig one last time before I removed my reusable filter to get a not so potent amount of coffee. I then water it down even more and use it to water my plants.

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds are perfect for gardens. They help add nitrogen and are easy to mix in with your soil. You’ll want to let it dry out before mixing in so it’s not clumped together. And be sure to mix it through and not just dump on top. If your not a coffee drinker you can stop by your local coffee shop and they will most likely provide you with used coffee grounds.

Ground Banana Peels

Banana peels are rich in nutrients so they make the perfect addition to your plants soil. You can let them dry out then ground them up in a blender and either mix in with your soil or sprinkle right on top.

Ground Egg Shells

Take your old eggshells and grind them up in a blender. Apply to your plants soil for an extra calcium boost or to help deter pests like slugs from eating your plants.

I hope these hacks helped you find ways to reduce waste and make your plants happy at the same time. If you have any other kitchen related hacks you’d love to share. Then please comment below and share them. I’d love to learn other ways to reduce waste and make my plants happy.

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Until next time, live a life you love!

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