40 Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Kids Less Than $10 Each

My favorite thing about the holidays and gift shopping is shopping for the little people in my life. They are always the most excited and everything is magical. They really set the holiday spirit on Christmas morning.

So if your like me and you love to gift the little people in your life. Then you will love this stocking stuffer idea list of 40 things that’s are under $10 each for kids.

There’s fun things, play things and things they might need. So it fits all the categories and covers all the things you might like to put in your littles stockings. That’s not just candy.

Now onto that fun list…

  1. Socks
  2. Candy
  3. Bath toys
  4. Yo-yo
  5. Crayons
  6. Fruit snacks
  7. Markers
  8. Rubber bouncy ball
  9. Sidewalk chalk
  10. Finger paint
  11. Goldfish crackers
  12. Kinetic sand
  13. Coloring book
  14. Lip balm
  15. Slime
  16. Colored pencils
  17. Keychain
  18. Nightlight
  19. Kinder egg
  20. Toothbrush
  21. Notebook
  22. Jump rope
  23. Molding clay
  24. Flip flops
  25. Bracelets
  26. Stickers
  27. House slippers
  28. Puzzle
  29. Plush toy
  30. Frisbee
  31. Stamps
  32. Socks
  33. Toy car
  34. Play-Dough
  35. Slinky
  36. Glow sticks
  37. Watercolor paint
  38. Slap bracelets
  39. Woopie cushion
  40. Go fish card game

I hope this list has helped you and if you’d like to save a copy of it to your phone then I’ve made a cute printable. You can print it or just just click it and save as a guide when shopping. To get access to it. Just join my tribe and then you’ll have access to hundred of freebies I offer in my free resource library. 


Have a fun holiday and make lots of memories

Until next time, Live a life you love

Xo Jessica!

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