30+ Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Busy Moms

It’s almost thanksgiving and you know what that means… it’s almost time to elfin fun parents. Yes… it’s almost Elf On The Shelf time. That is if your elf comes the day after thanksgiving or you wait till December 1st for him to arrive.

We’ve personally done both depending on how the timing went. I tend to always misplace our elf in the bottom of a bin “so I don’t lose him”. And whelp I always end up losing him. This year I think I’m going to order us a 2nd elf and a girl one so she can wear tutus and fun things. And she can be our elves sister. So fun!

But since it’s almost time to get into the Elf spirit I decided to put together a list of 33 elf ideas to help you keep your elf moving mojo this year. I also always send out reminders on my instagram stories so be sure to follow me if you need nightly reminders at @mama_bear_wooten.

To help make this list easier to keep track of I’ve created a printable cheat sheet and a blank calendar for you to fill in. You can find how to access them at the bottom of this blog.

****TIP***** I always plan my most fun ones on the weekends and easier ones during the week. Trust me this makes life so much easier when you don’t have the daily life tasks of the week on top of moving and prepping your elf for the really fun ones.

Now to that super fun list…

  1. Writing kids or Santa a message
  2. Hiding among stuffed animals
  3. Laying in the silverware tray
  4. Peeking out of a drawer
  5. Taking a bath in marshmallows
  6. Head first in cereal box or candy box
  7. Covered in bows or band-aids
  8. Playing a game
  9. Wearing your child’s boots and heading for the door
  10. Reading a book
  11. Snow angel with flour
  12. Snow angle with sprinkles
  13. Taped to bathroom mirror (or use bandaids)
  14. Hanging from ceiling fan
  15. Hiding in stockings
  16. With countdown elf letterboards (free printable elf letterboard signs)
  17. Playing elf twister with other toys (printable in my free resource library along with 3 other elf sized board games)
  18. Hiding in the fridge with a hand towel to stay warm
  19. Spelling out naughty or nice with cereal
  20. Elf poop (with chocolate chips)
  21. Take Elfies (selfies) with kids
  22. In a coffee cup with marshallows
  23. Drawing on mirror in bathroom with dry erase marker or lipstick
  24. Hanging a “be good” banner (free printable banner in my resource library)
  25. Wrapped up in TP
  26. String TP all over the place
  27. ELF scavenger hunt (in my free resource library)
  28. Having a nerf gun fight or tea party
  29. Draw funny faces on family pictures with dry erase marker
  30. Sleeping in a sleep sack (sock) on counter with other toys.
  31. Leaving out cookie making ingredients for cooking baking day
  32. Does the floss dance (wraps up in floss)
  33. Hides candy canes to be found

If your looking for those free printables then go ahead and join my tribe so you can get access to all my goodies in my vault of freebies. There’s so many fun elf and Christmas Eve box goodies.

I want these Printables and access to tons more!

Now I hope you have a blast doing your elf on the shelf this year. And remember it’s okay if the darn thing doesn’t move a night or two. Your only human and you know what sometimes he’s just comfortable where he’s at.

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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