3 Tips To Keep Your Fall Decor Simple And Minimal When You Love To Decorate

One of my favorite things to do is to decorate for the holidays. It really happened when we had kids and I wanted to set all the magic of each holiday into motion. 

But what if your living on a simple and minimal journey… what does that mean for your decor? 

Whatever you want it to be!!! Seriously whatever you want it be!

The most beautiful thing about your journey is it is yours and no one can tell you how to go on it. So decorate if you want or don’t ig it’s not your thing. Decorate a lot or decorate a little. Just make sure that whatever you do doesn’t overwhelm you. 

The part of minimalism that I try my hardest to explain to anyone who will listen is that minimalism isn’t getting rid of everything. It isn’t doing nothing. It isn’t living a plain boring life. It’s about living a life you love and doing things you love. And getting rid of the things you don’t love. 

So below I have 3 tips to help you decorate for the holidays while on your minimal journey and how to keep it at a place of something you love over a place that seems to overwhelm and stress you out. 

Now to those tips

If you haven’t decorated with in two years in a row then get rid of it.

I know to many two years might sound like a long time to hold onto something. But I’ll give you my own personal example. If I was to get rid of everything I didn’t set out in 2019 I would be getting rid of everything. 

I didn’t decorate much if at all last year. Not because I didn’t like our decor. But because we had just moved states two months prior and I was in my 9th month of pregnancy with my fourth child. We were to tired to decorate for holidays. 

So when it comes to decor give your self a bit of grace. Unless you just absolutely can’t stand the pieces then get rid of them ASAP! Don’t even pack them up at all! 

DIY your own decor

We are a big DIY family. We love to craft and build our own everything. So if your into the DIY or want to venture into it. Holiday decor is the perfect time to start. You can even have your children help you. This year we have cut out bat decor and made origami hats that we are currently loving. null

The best part about doing DIY decor is its special and unique to you and your family and you can tweak it to make it fit perfect into your family how ever you want. 

Here’s some things we have made so far:

Our origami witch hats I mentioned above
Our diy chalkboard that we can write whatever we want on it.
Our bats we cut out and taped to the wall

Use universal pieces

Now as you can see in my tiered tray there aren’t any universal items. That you notice right away! But there are. Those spell books I plan to create covers for to decorate for different seasons. Instead of a new set for each season. They open so I can easily store the different covers inside. 

Those candy corns you see in the back are inside a mason jar. So once the season is over I can let my kids eat the candy and place the mason jar back into my cabinets with our cups (we use mason jars as cups). And well as for the spooky candle. I could easily turn it to hide the world spooky if I want and burn the candle all winter long. 

I especially love those from door signs where one side says Fall and the other side says Merry. So then you can use the same sign for like 4 months. That’s a major universal decor piece. 

Here’s some of our universal decor pieces we use:

This is a diy sign we made with dry erase. My kids love to be the ones to write on it. And as you can see we haven’t switched it from my Hubby’s bday to fall yet
An unfinished wood chalkboard sign with mug hooks. Also not updated in decor wording lol
We have a chalkboard bucket list we change each season. We’re still finishing it up since it’s technically summer still
I found this interchangeable sign last year. It’s all winter but I plan to make my own sign to go in it. Bonus is they all store behind each other.
Letter boards are a great way to add holiday decor change with out actually having to add or remove pieces.

I hope these 3 tips helped you to find your way to a more simple and minimal decor vibe this year. And remember to always give yourself grace. There is beauty in the journey so embrace it!

Live a life you love,

Xo Jessica!

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