20 Valentine’s Date Ideas For The Intentional And Frugal Couple

Happy love season! Well almost, we still have a little bit of time! But it’s never to early to plan and save or budget for an upcoming holiday! I’d say if you approach Valentine’s Day with intent and not as a consumer it’s more about planning than budgeting + saving, your day will be more about the love than anything else.

There’s so many options to creating your perfect date while not blowing an entire paycheck. It all starts in your mindset and your priorities!

Ask your self…. what are you celebrating and why are you celebrating? Then focus on that with no matter what you do. My purpose with my post isn’t to tell you not to spend money, to over spend, to do nothing and to not tell you to over due it!

My hubby + I have literally done all the above! My purpose is to help you find ways to enjoy the holiday with your other half will being more intentional and even frugal about it.

If your coming for gift ideas… not the post for you. Not to say I’m against gifts. Because I may even create a post specifically talking about gift ideas. But this post is directly for date ideas + the experience part of celebrating your love. And for the parents/couples on a budget or trying to enjoy more while spending less.

So to what you actually came for… the list of ideas to make your Valentines Day all heart eyes and loving!

Have a picnic

Movie marathon

20 reasons why I love you notes

Play a game

Go to the beach

Cook out on the grill

Sit by the fire pit

Create an appetizer buffet

Paint a picture together

Go for a scenic drive

Have a dance off/party

DIY couples massage

Create an oasis in your bedroom

Cuddle + talk about your future

Count each other’s freckles

Cook a nice dinner together from scratch

Practice making babies

Star gaze

Rearrange and declutter your master bedroom

Take a long shower together

And as always here’s a save-able image with them all for you to have to use.

I hope this list brought some ideas you didn’t think of and it helps and your other half to enjoy your Valentine’s more intentional and less as a consumer! All about simplifying my entire life over here!


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