20+ Fun St Patricks Day Letter Board Quotes

I’m all about all the letter board love and St Patricks day. So I decided I would compile a list of some fun quotes that would be perfect for St Patricks day. Below I have listed 20+ of the cutest ones that you can catch me displaying in my home. These are fun and simple and perfect to help set the holiday mood for all things leprechaun.

So let’s get to that list…

  1. The leprechauns made me do it
  2. Top O the mornings to ya
  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day Y’all
  4. You are my lucky charm
  5. Lucky me, lucky you, lucky us
  6. Let the shenanigans begin
  7. Lucky to be blessed
  8. I pinch back
  9. Wishing you a pot o’ good and all the joy your heart can hold
  10. Go luck yourself
  11. Keep calm and shamrock on
  12. Kiss me. Even though I’m not Irish
  13. Lucky me I’ve got you
  14. I’m magically delicious
  15. I kissed a leprechaun and I liked it
  16. Can’t pinch this
  17. Not lucky just blessed
  18. Leprechauns welcome
  19. The leprechauns made me do it
  20. May your clovers have leaves of four and your luck be even more.
  21. Irish kisses and shamrock wishes
  22. Kiss me I’m Irish-ish
  23. Keep calm and get your Irish on

I hope these quotes helped to inspire you to pull out your letterboards and get quoting. Comment below and tell me your favorite. Or if you have any you think I should add to this list.

Until next time, live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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