15 Ways To Upcycle Christmas Wrapping Paper

Every year I’m sure one of the most wasteful days is the day of Christmas. Wrapping paper filled garbage bags probably over take the landfills and over fill garbage cans. We try to recycle ours or even make lots of fun crafts with it. There are really so so so many things you use gift wrapping paper for. Even if it still ends up in the recycle bin. Which I highly recommend you recycle it. Please don’t just throw it in the trash. Saving the earth falls on all of us.

So to help give you with some ideas of what you can use holiday gift wrapping paper for I’m sharing some ideas that you do with it. There are hundreds of more ideas but I wanted to keep this list simple and how we may use it for ours or fun ways you can.

Cutting Practice For Littles (homeschool)

Kids Crafts

Packing Paper (for breakables)

Scrapbook Paper


Gift Tags

Christmas Ornaments

Advent Calendar


Decorate A Doll House

Bookshelf Or Drawer Liners

Notebook Or Book Covers

Decorative A Tray

Wrapping Paper Tape


These ideas are so fun! I hope find some you can utilize in your home. If you have other fun ways you upcycle yours comment below and share with me. I’m all about learning more about fun ways to do things.

Together we can make a difference on one of the most wasteful days. Don’t forget to subscribe and learn more ways to upcyle items around your home and be less wasteful in the years to come.

Until next time, recycle more and live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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