15 Ways To Save Money During The Christmas Season Plus A Free Holiday Planner Printable

When it comes to Christmas the magic is in the moments and the memories you make. It’s not all about the gifts whether you have an endless supply of funds or you struggle with gift purchases. This year is probably one of the hardest years financially for most families and most are probably struggling trying to balance it all along with paying their bills.

And although this year might be an entirely new mojo for many it doesn’t have to leave you full of debt or living paycheck to paycheck just to put some gifts under the tree. My husband and I have always made it one of our priorities to never let Christmas gift giving run us into debt or struggling to pay our bills.

So I figured a post on 15 ways to save money this Christmas was very needed. Not just for you. But for your neighbors, your friends and my family too. This year we all need to be a little bit more aware and frugal with the gift giving part of the holidays. So below I’m sharing 15 ways to help you save money.

I’ve even included a free printable Christmas planner that you can find at the bottom of this post. It includes 3 pages… a budget tracker, a gift tracker and a savings tracker. So don’t forget to check it out. Now onto those tips to save your bank account.

  1. Have a “Deals Alert” Buddy
  2. Gift experiences
  3. Check out Facebook Sellers Groups for your Community
  4. Home made Christmas cards
  5. Follow Deals Sites on FB, Twitter, Email Lists
  6. Stop doing adult gifts
  7. Pay attention to deals, Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday
  8. Make your own DIY Gifts
  9. Ask friends and family for gently used large items
  10. Don’t send Christmas Cards
  11. Buy gift cards during the year to purchase gifts
  12. Look for free Elf on the Shelf items
  13. Start shopping early
  14. Create a Christmas menu
  15. Use store coupon codes

I hope these tips helped you find a way to still make Christmas gift giving possible for your family and to help you not feel overwhelmed with trying to buy it all and go into debt.

If you’d like to snag my free printable Christmas planner I have it available in my free resource library and it is full of all kids of goodies. For Christmas, other holidays and so much more. You can get access to it and my free Christmas planner by joining my tribe below. You’ll receive an e-mail from me shortly after with the link and password to access it.

If you use any of these tips please let me know in the comments. I hope you and your family have a very magical holiday and remember it’s the season of family not gifts.

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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