15 Random Acts Of Kindness For Kids During Quarantine

February 17th is national random acts of kindness day and with the world still dealing with a pandemic I thought I’d share a list of things your kids can do that are social distancing but still an act of kindness they can show someone. Now yes each one will vary on where you live and your routine and weather so tweak them to fit your environment and family.

Teaching children kindness is extremely important in the world today. With so much hate and negativity filling the lives of so many we need to change the world and it all starts in our home and how we raise our children. So I encourage you to read through this list and pick something for you to encourage your kids to do. I’ve even included a free printable check list with these and a blank one for you to make your own with your child if you’d like. Check the bottom of this post for details to snag it.

15 Random Acts Of Kindness For Children

  1. Deliver a goody bag to neighbor kids
  2. Shovel the snow out of a walkway for an elderly couple
  3. Bake cookies to deliver to a neighbor
  4. Go for a walk and collect all the trash seen
  5. Help a sibling with homework
  6. Donate toys
  7. Donate books to a library
  8. Plant a tree
  9. Smile at someone
  10. Leave a nice note on a strangers car
  11. Do an extra chore
  12. Help make dinner
  13. Open the door for someone
  14. Leave a nice note in your mailbox for your mail carrier
  15. Help clean up after dinner

So like I mentioned above I created two printable versions for you to use. One has this lost on it and the other is blank for you to put your own on it.

They both can be found in my free resource library library that’s full of all kinds of goodies. They can be found under my printable lists section. To gain access al you need to do is scroll down (or to the right on desktop) and enter your info to join my tribe. You’ll then receive a welcome email from me that includes the link to join along with my password to open the vault of goodies.

Do you do anything special during the week leading up to or following national random act of kindness day? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time… live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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