15 Fun Date Night At Home Ideas That Don’t Suck

Are you stuck at home like the rest of the world right now wondering about something fun you can do for date night or how about Valentines Day? Well know your not alone and your in luck because I happen to be a home body so a date night at home or someplace you wouldn’t normally think about is the type of date nights that I prefer.

So below I’m going to share 15 date night ideas that do not suck! Yes I said do not suck. So go ahead and get ready to write your list up and start planning your next date night ASAP! Now onto that fun list…

Pizza and a movie

This is probably one of my favorite ways to do date night. You can make the pizza together and enjoy it while watching a movie or order one from your favorite pizza joint. And since it’s date night… splurge a little and get some wings and breadsticks too if you like them also.

Living room picnic

This one is perfect for couples, kids or as a family. Just lay down a nice blanket and spread your meal across it and just enjoy your time together and talk about all the things and love slowly. Embrace the quiet moments too.

Candlelight take out

This one is so very romantic I think. It’s the candlelight part that sets the tone and gives it that romantic vibe. Order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant and set it up on real dishes (not the ones they come in). Light up a candle and create your own candlelight take out date night.

Living room movie Theatre

Movies are our things over here so I can’t help but add it again. But this time create a movie theater in your home. We love using a projector we got on amazon for this. It makes your screen way bigger and you can move it inside or outside. Your not constrained to just your tv. Set up floor pillows, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show.


If your into space and starts or just want to enjoy the beauty of the world outside of earth. Then stargazing is perfect for you. Lay a blanket and some pillows outside. Bring a blanket to cover and snuggle together. And enjoy the view. There are also tons of apps you can download to help you find constellations too. So be sure to try that out and learn a little together while your gazing and maybe you might even get to see a shooting star.

Binge watch a show

This I could do all day long so it’s more like an all day date over here. But make sure it’s a TV series and not a movie. You want to binge it and not just watch and hour or so. This is a relaxing way to do nothing but together.

Do a puzzle

If your into a more hands on activity for a date night then a puzzle date would be so perfect. Make sure to get a nice big one that you will enjoy but will also require more than 30 minutes to put together. No one wants a mini date night. So pick a puzzle worthy of taking up that night.

Play board games

This is also one of our favorite ways to do date night. Some times we play for fun and sometimes we keep score (mostly card games if keeping score). We are board game lovers over here so we have a fun variety to keep us entertained.

Have a questionnaire game

This one is super fun to learn more about each other. I’m actually working on a free printable for this one so be sure to check back for it. I’ll link it here when I do.

Cook a meal

If your a foodie or have a new recipe you want to try them use date night for it. It’s so fun to cook together. Even if it’s not date night I love having my hubby in the kitchen while I’m cooking. It just make cooking so much more enjoyable.

Camp in your backyard

This one is perfect for all the outdoorsy types. I personally thing this in also kinda romantic. Set up a fire pit and bring the ingredients for s’mores and enjoy the night. Snuggle by the fire and drink hot cocoa of it’s chilly out.


This one I think is fun with a couple of drinks in to loosen you up and just blast out all the fun vocals whether you can sing or not. You can snag a karaoke machine on amazon and find music with words on YouTube if you don’t want to invest fully. Include your kids in it too for a family date night.

Play a video game

This one is another one at the top of our date night list. We don’t actually call them date nights just more hanging out and enjoying time together. But still the same thing. If you don’t have any actual consoles to play on you can find an app that you can play together. Words with friends or Pokémon go are the first ones that come to mind. I’m not a big app gamer so we have done new and old consoles we play on.

Make a couples bucket list

Bucket lists are pretty much life over here and I think every couple should make one together. It’s so fun to talk about the things you’d love to do in life. I mean you only live once so why not talk about what you’d like to do in your time here.

Play would you rather

This is kinda like the questionnaire one but for fun. It’s good for conversation starters and to learn some fun random things about each other.

Check out my blog here where I share 75 would you rather questions for couples.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this list of 15 date night at home ideas. I hope it gave you inspiration for the perfect dates to set up yourself and have tweaking them all to fit your relationship too. Remember it’s about spending time together so keep it simple and have fun!

Until next live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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