15 Elf On The Shelf Arrival Ideas Plus A Free Printable I’m Back Letter

I don’t know about your Elf but ours always shows up randomly. We always set for a special day… day after thanksgiving. But that rarely happens. Crossing my fingers for this year!

But when he comes it’s always a hmmm what should his arrival be. Ours always brings a felt tree and ornaments that we attach to the wall for them. But we also like to do a little letter. So I made a cute printable letter for us to use this year. And probably ever year after now.

You can find out how to get your hands on my free printable letter at the bottom of this post.

But since I’m always up for fun new ideas I decided to put together a list of 15 fun ways your elf can arrive. Some can even be used through out the month for elf mischief too.

I’ll also put together a free printable of this list for you also.

So here’s 15 fun elf arrival ideas to help you plan ahead this year.

  1. With an Elf size letter board
  2. Welcome letter (free printable below)
  3. With a felt Christmas tree (Diy coming soon)
  4. With the Elf On The Shelf Book
  5. A bag and note encouraging donating old or no longer played with toys
  6. Brining new matching pajamas
  7. With a new book
  8. Making a mess…stringing toilet paper everywhere
  9. With an elf cam from the North Pole
  10. With a scavenger hunt
  11. Bringing 12 candy canes that have been hidden for your kiddos to find
  12. With a simple toy
  13. With supplies for a craft
  14. With the ingredients to make cookies
  15. With eggnog or hot cocoa
  16. Welcome note saying he’s hiding and waiting to be found

Does your elf arrive doing anything fun or crazy? If so tell me about it below in the comments.

Now for those two free Printables I mentioned above. The I’m back letter and list of elf arrival ideas can be found in my vault of goodies. To get access just join my VIP Elf tribe and you’ll get access to both and so many more!

I want to be an Elf VIP and get access to the free Printables.

How ever your elf arrives. Just know it’s going to be fun for your littles. So be as simple or as extra as you want! And be sure to have fun… that’s where the real magic happens.

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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