110 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Kids With Free Printable Charts

It’s summer time! Which means it’s time to do all the fun things that just don’t quite fit in to the schedule of schools days, homework, dinner and bedtime routines. And well there just aren’t enough weekends of summer weather… at least not where we live now.

Incase you don’t know we moved from Florida to Michigan in 2019. So we are learning to appreciate summer and the fact that it’s not read round! It’s also not as hot here during summer so we are loving it.

So now that it’s summer you might be thinking yes summer vibes, summer activities, summer bucket list. And then draw a blank. So I’ve wrote up a list of 110 things you could possibly add to your summer bucket list.

We have a chalkboard we write ours on but if you don’t have an actual place to write yours down. Don’t fret. I have a free resource library with blank printable bucket lists and even a blank bucket list bingo card.

The bingo card makes it extra fun if you have multiple children. They can choose 24 things to do together write them in any of their boxes they want to mix it up from each other. And then as you do them they get to mark them off and see who hits bingo first. There’s a free space in the middle because well it’s bingo!

So to the list of 100 things you could do this summer (quarantine style too).

P.S. there’s a save-able or pin-able graphic with the entire list on it at the end.

  1. Make slime
  2. Sleep in a tent
  3. Eat ice cream
  4. Read a book
  5. Do a random act of kindness
  6. Have a pajama day
  7. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  8. Build something
  9. Do a summer craft
  10. Unplug for the day
  11. Play in the mud
  12. Play in the rain
  13. Have a picnic
  14. Have a water balloon fight
  15. Play with sidewalk chalk
  16. Go hiking
  17. Go on a camping trip
  18. Paint a picture
  19. S t a r g a z e
  20. Make cookies
  21. Have a water gun fight
  22. Play in the sprinkler
  23. Play on the slip and slide
  24. Blow bubbles
  25. Play board games
  26. Make homemade ice cream
  27. Play hopscotch
  28. Make tie-dye shirts
  29. Eat watermelon
  30. Play frisbee
  31. Write up your Fall bucket list
  32. Roast marshmallows
  33. Eat a snow cone
  34. Make root beer floats
  35. Make a wish on a dandelion
  36. Climb a tree
  37. Explore a new place
  38. Help cook dinner
  39. Make a birdfeeder
  40. Build a Sandcastle
  41. Jump in mud puddles
  42. Watch a thunderstorm
  43. Drink a Slurpee
  44. Have a pillow fight
  45. Plant vegetables
  46. Play Simon says
  47. Sit on a porch swing
  48. Make popcorn
  49. Start a journal
  50. Learn origami
  51. Wash the family car
  52. Fly a kite
  53. Catch fire flies
  54. Draw a picture
  55. Make up a board game
  56. Plant flowers
  57. Play tag
  58. Cloud watch
  59. Start a journal
  60. Mak mud pies
  61. Go to the beach
  62. Eat breakfast for dinner
  63. Play hide and seek
  64. Go rock hunting
  65. Go fishing
  66. Make paper airplanes
  67. Play red light green light
  68. Have a backyard movie night
  69. Make paper sailboats
  70. Make a blanket fort
  71. Paint rocks
  72. Chase butterflies
  73. Make Popsicles
  74. Have a dance party
  75. Make a pizza
  76. Drawl a treasure map
  77. Have a race
  78. Learn to jump rope
  79. Play in the water hose
  80. Write a letter
  81. Make lemonade
  82. Donate toys
  83. Watch the sun set
  84. Go for a bike ride
  85. Create an obstacle course
  86. Jump on a trampoline
  87. Get messy
  88. Play playdoh
  89. Take a picture
  90. Put together a puzzle
  91. Play superheroes
  92. Stay outside all day
  93. Learn to do a cart wheel
  94. Play on the swings
  95. Play catch
  96. Drink milkshakes
  97. Build with Legos
  98. Learn to hula hoop
  99. Eat cotton candy
  100. Camp in the living room
  101. Eat corn on the cob
  102. Make Fruitloop necklaces
  103. Have a tea party
  104. Learn a card game
  105. Make puppets
  106. Paint with shaving cream
  107. Make sun catchers
  108. Learn to ride a bike
  109. Make rice krispy treats
  110. Watch the moon set

I hope this list helped you find some fun activities to do this summer with your kids. But don’t let this list stop you from doing something crazy and fun. All the memories are worth it!

Until next time!

Xo Jessica!

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