100 Plus Things To Declutter That You Don’t Need And A Free Printable Checklist

Sometimes when life starts to feel a little rough or overwhelming it’s not necessary the things that are going on. Sometimes it’s the things around you and you may not even realize it. 

Whether your focusing in on the things or not your mind is still absorbing the energy from your environment. Which in turn can affect your mood. 

One of the most beautiful things about minimalism is the tranquility it gives you. You start to learn what you don’t want in your life and learn to say no to things you don’t want. And YES to all the things that make you happy. That bring a smile to your face. That’s what the minimalist journey is about! Living a life you love and freely without the burden of things that don’t make you happy. 

So to help you jumpstart your journey or to just take a little extra off your plate and clear the air so your mind can take a chill pull and relax I’ve put together a list of about 129 things you can declutter right now and you won’t even miss them. 

These things are pretty much just holding up space that you could otherwise be enjoying life with more. So pick a room and go to town!

If you’d like to have a checklist version to keep you on your decluttering game. Then scroll down to find out how to snag my free printable check list.

Now onto all those things you need to declutter.


  • old spices
  • expired fridge items
  • expired pantry items
  • expired frozen foods
  • chipped dishes
  • leaky water bottles
  • cooking tools or utensils you don’t use
  • fast food sauce packs
  • unused small appliances
  • tubberware containers without lids
  • Old coffee mugs no one uses
  • worn out scrubbers + sponges
  • Recipe books you don’t use.
  • Take-out containers
  • plastic forks/spoons you don’t use
  • Old travel mugs
  • Burnt baking sheet pans
  • Scratched pots and pans
  • Broken canisters
  • Paper clutter
  • Junk mail
  • Old calendars
  • Bills you’ve paid
  • Excessive Grocery bags


  • Old batteries
  • Old receipts
  • Take-out menus
  • Business cards you will never need
  • Expired coupons
  • Broken chargers
  • Phone books
  • Appliance manuals
  • Broken pens


  • Broken or scratched DVDs/CDs
  • VHS tapes
  • books you no longer love or read
  • magazines
  • anything you’re tired of dusting
  • puzzles + board games with missing pieces
  • old remote controls
  • burned-down candles
  • Old throw blankets
  • Chipped knick-knacks
  • Cords that aren’t needed
  • Dead plants
  • Broken blinds
  • Old decor


  • old make-up
  • travel-size toiletries
  • nearly-empty product bottles
  • Old towels and wash cloths
  • old nail care products
  • Expired skincare products.
  • Expired hair-care products.
  • Old perfume
  • Empty bottles
  • Samples of products.
  • Old sponges and loofahs
  • Old razors
  • Broken hair tools
  • Old hair brushes
  • Anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months or longer


  • Old toothbrushes
  • Expired medicine
  • Expired vitamins and supplements


  • Old sheets
  • Torn comforters
  • Stained pillowcases
  • Old pillows
  • Old throw pillows
  • Old throw blankets
  • Worn down hats
  • Stained clothes
  • Clothes too small
  • Clothes with holes
  • Socks with our matches
  • Gloves with our matches
  • Old underwear
  • Brass with broken or missing wire
  • Stretched out sports bras
  • Clothes with worn out elastic
  • Old pajamas
  • Unused bedskirts
  • Extra flat sheets
  • Scarves or accessories never worn
  • Broken jewelry
  • Worn down belts
  • Old prescription glasses
  • Broken hangers
  • Trash from your luggage or purse


  • Clothes that are too little
  • Stained or clothes with holes
  • Shoes that don’t fit
  • Broken crayons/pencils
  • Old stuffed animals
  • Used up coloring books
  • Old school papers
  • Books they don’t want
  • Broken toys
  • Toys they no longer want
  • Old video games


  • phone books
  • take-out menus
  • non-working pens, markers or broken pencils
  • expired insurance papers
  • unnecessary tax papers
  • Never used or damaged craft items


  • paint cans (check local recycling/disposal guidelines)
  • expired or unused home + yard products
  • Old brooms
  • Broken storage totes
  • Used boxes
  • broken toys
  • Anything broken
  • excess or unused cleaners
  • repair parts for items you no longer own
  • Expired cleaning products
  • Old wrapping paper
  • Storage totes full of junk

Now to that free printable checklist I told you about. You can snag it by joining my tribe and gaining access to my free resource library full of free Printables and SVG’s.

I want access and this free printable!!

Now don’t forget to live a life you love and curate it into one until your happy!

Until next time,

Xo Jessica!

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