10 Reasons to Add Lemons to Your Water

Did you know that most people have no idea how much water they should actually be drinking? And those of us that do don’t even come close to that intake amount. I know I don’t. Daily your should be drinking half your body weight in ounces! Yes I know that sounds like a lot! But that’s because to the average person we under drink the amount of water we should be. Since I’m horrible at my water intake I try to make the most of it by adding lemons to mine. Why lemons you ask? Well because it gives it some flavor and some health benefits! So here’s… Improves Digestion Boosts Immune System Boosts Energy Alkalizes Your Body Boosts Brain Power Help With Weight Loss Promotes Healthy and Nourished Skin Reduces Inflammation Hydrates Your Body Freshens Breath There’s tons of benefits to adding fruits to your water! Comment below with some of your favorite combinations. Want to join my mama village? Scroll down and hit subscribe and you will never miss a new post!
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