10 Easy Things You Can Declutter Today To Start Your Minimalist Journey

I think one of the hardest things for most when it comes to decluttering is focusing down on what you need to actually declutter.

It’s very easy to look around and see the big picture and know you want to downsize and declutter yours things. But it’s an entirely different picture when you try to start.

So to help you out I’ve put together a list of 10 no brainer things you can declutter today. The good thing about these items is that they aren’t sentimental. They aren’t things you use… or even would use on a regular basis.

These are more of just those items that you tend to forget about or put off because you don’t really know what to do with them.

So 10 things you can declutter today…

1. Anything Broken

If you have things laying around to fix and well it’s been a hot minute, then chances are your not going to fix it. And it will probably continue to sit around. So instead of saving it for one day… do yourself a favor and junk it.

I mean unless it’s a sentimental item that you want to keep. If it’s not and it’s been a couple of weeks… then you most likely won’t even miss it.

2. Unworn Clothes

I know clothes tend to be a weakness for most. So just focus on the ones you’ve never worn. Or have worn maybe once. When I started to purge my clothes I actually had tags still on some. And I had them for a couple years. That was a for sure sign they needed to go and ASAP.

So take a peak around and purge those unworn clothes. It will feel nice to get rid of them.

3. Extra Plates + Cups

Look we all have them. I mean at least until you declutter them.

So nows the time to downsize the amount of dishes you wash. There’s no reason to have 10 plates and cups for everyone… unless you collect Rae Dunn like I do! Just kidding!

Not about the you don’t need so many plates and cups part. But if your into sets then get rid of the mismatches hanging around. The ones with chips in them or missing handles. Any of those… toss!

For my kids we actually do color coated dishes. Plates, bowls and cups. Makes it easy to know who has how much of what. And so they always know what’s theirs when we put plates on the table.

4. Old/Expired Hygiene Items

These are something you should definitely declutter today. You don’t want to accidentally put expired items on your body and end up with a rash or something crazy.

Same goes for makeup. If you haven’t touched any of it in a while. If you don’t grab for it for date night or a girls/guys night out. Then you most likely ever won’t. These just take up unnecessary space and time in your life. So do yourself a favor and just let them go.

5. Toys With Missing Pieces

This is the decluttering thing I use to convince my children to keep their toys picked up. Once a toy is missing pieces it becomes broken we get rid of it. So if they want to keep it. Then they need to take care of it.

Once a toy starts losing pieces it’s kinda an early sign that the toys interest is depreciating with your child. They no longer love it like they used to so the pieces get left all over and in random places. So time to start thinking about purging them.

6. Anything You Don’t Like

Have you ever just kinda looked around at your things and been like “man I don’t really like that thing” or been given a gift that you weren’t to fond of but felt like you had to keep it?

Well I’m here to let you know that you need to get rid of it. All of it! You have no obligation to keep things you don’t like… no matter who gave it to you. So free yourself and go put it all into your donation bin right now!

7. Old Decor Pieces

This goes with the previous one. But is also good if you happened to at any time decide to change up your decor. And are hanging onto your elf decor just Incase.

If you changed it up and are loving what you have up now. Don’t worry about yesteryears decor. Focus on now and what you like now! It’s ok to change up your decor style. It’s ok to stop liking what you used to like.

8. Random Cords + Chargers

This is like a list to myself with this one. My hubby and I have always kept all our old cords to everything. It is so freaking crazy the amount of cords we have for random things. I feel like we always have this on our list to declutter.

But seriously if you have old cords and chargers to devices you don’t use anymore. Then you definitely need to get rid of them. I’m sure they are all in a box or cubby somewhere just waiting to vacate your premises. So just do it and free up that space.

9. Old Unused Shoes

Old or new but never worn shoes! Not just yours, but your hubby’s and your kids too. If you never wear them. Then you don’t need to keep them.

If your waiting for the one day moment. Then that’s fine but you only really need one pair for that time. And if you never wear them like ever. Then just get rid of them. They aren’t doing you any good just hanging around.

And honestly old but still in good condition shoes are the best things to donate. Everyone is always needing new shoes. Whether new from the store or new to them. Those old donated shoes might be the pair that another family is in need of! So focus on the benefit to someone else and not the loss to yourself

10. Tubberware With Missing Lids

Haha if you don’t laugh at this one do you even own tubberware or have left overs like ever! My tubberware area was so bad. I used to have so many mismatched life and bottoms it was crazy.

So to help me keep my tubberware in order I started storing my pieces together. Instead of lids with lids and bottoms with bottoms. I now store mine with the lid on the bottom. Now I never have to wonder where a lid is. Or if part of my tubberware is missing.

I can just quickly grab out an item and all the pieces to it are there. So if you have a stranger pieces then get rid of them. Sets where they all match and fit together is way better than a bunch of random pieces. Trust me! I’ve been there!

Now I hope I helped you find a place to start if your ready to venture into the less but more aspect of life.

It really is beautiful on the other side. And you deserve to be there. You deserve to enjoy all the things you want to enjoy in life and not be hounded by the things holding you back. Life is so much more than things.

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Until next time… Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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