10 Christmas Morning Photo Tips And A Free Printable Checklist

Christmas mornings can go by really fast. And before you know it it’s the day after and you realize you didn’t get as many pictures or videos as you’d like. Or they just didn’t look how you wanted.

So I’ve put together 10 tips to help you run your camera game smoothly on Christmas morning. These pertain to both a camera or your phones camera.

You can’t ever be a little to prepared to capture Christmas morning. So much magic will be going on… you might not be able to resist. So below I’m sharing how to make the most out of being prepared.

Charge Your Battery The Night Before

You want your morning to go smoothly. So charging your battery the night before will prevent the accidental chance that you start your morning off fumbling around to charge your cameras batter. Or phone if that’s your go to choice.

Make Sure Your Memory Cards Are Empty

You might take more pictures than you anticipate. So you’ll want to make sure your camera or phones memory is free up to capture all the moments you aren’t even anticipating yet. All those candid smiles and happy faces.

I personally need to do this with both my phone and camera memory cards soon. So when I go to do it again. It’s not as much to do.

Have Your Camera Close By

As the morning starts and all the magical moments happen. You’ll want to have your camera close by. So you can quickly grab it and be ready.

Remove The Clutter

The last thing you want to do is look back and see all kinds of clutter framing your photos main focus. Christmas mess isn’t clutter. It’s part of the magic.

I’m talking about baskets of laundry. Shoe storage bins. Anything that doesn’t really need to be in the room. Unless they are neat and tidy.

Get In As Much Natural Light As You Can

Nothing can replace the beauty of natural light. So when you wake up in the morning. Go ahead and open all the curtains and let mother nature’s lights come in.

They always tend to give off the best shadows to add to the mood to the moments. If your lucky you’ll get some sun rays.

Get Before And After Tree Pictures

The night before is okay Incase you forget to snap one before the magic wakes up and takes off. You’ll want to see the moments before and than capture the mess and magic and memories as they have unfolded.

Your littles will only be this little for so long. Let the mess stay a little longer and capture it in the photo. It tells a story.

Capture The Details

Don’t forget to get in close and capture the small details. Their hands opening presents. Playing with new toys. Their smile radiant the happy ambiance glow that kids get on Christmas morning.

Get Different Angles

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try out fun angles. An aerial view looking down from above their head is always fun and cute. Get as creative as you want.

Pass The Camera Along So your In Photos

Make sure you pass the camera along. To another adult or one of your littles to capture moments with you in it too. Your part of the magic and you deserve to be captured in these memories. I’ve used tripods to capture all of us in the past.

Don’t Forget To Put Your Camera Down And Enjoy The Moments

Most importantly… which I’m the guiltiest of this one. Be sure to put your camera down and just be in the moment. You’ll never regret laughing with your family. You can always pick it up for special moments got want to capture. But it’s not all about capturing the magic. Be present too.

I hope these tips help you and that you get to experience and capture all the beautiful moments.

If you’d like a recap of the tips for quick reference they are…

  • Charge your battery the night before.
  • Empty out your emery cards or camera storage.
  • Have your camera close by.
  • Remove the clutter.
  • Get in as much natural light as possible.
  • Get beige and after tree pictures.
  • Capture the link details.
  • Get different angles.
  • Pass the camera along so your in photos
  • Don’t forget to put your camera down and enjoy the moments.

Now if you’d like to have a Christmas morning checklist. Then your in luck. I made one and you can snag it right from my free resource library. It’s full of lots of goodies and you just have to join my tribe. I promise not to spam you!

I’d love to join and get this free checklist and many other awesome things.

I hope your Christmas morning is full of all the magical moments and you get to enjoy yours little smiling from ear to ear! Enjoy it!

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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